Bathroom Blitz

Finally we have a start date for our bathroom!  I first got a quote from a builder on the 26th June and after booking them for November, and the being put back and back, my hopes of a new bathroom for Christmas faded.

But, early New Year is better than nothing and I’m excited to have a new room.

However, apparently I may have misread the quote which I thought included a bathroom suite, but on getting an email saying to ensure all bathroom bits were sourced for the 6th January, made Steve read it again to have him decide we needed to buy a bathroom.  Steve has no interest in anything householdy at all.  He doesn’t care about paint colours, wallpapers, tiles, carpets.  He says he’s adapted to how the house is, and wouldn’t mind never redecorating ever and he’s only putting up with me doing it because I’m doing it all!!

Anyway, he suddenly got more interested when he realised it meant it would cost more than he’d anticipated.  He wouldn’t go and look at actual bathrooms and bought a cheap one from Ebay.   I hate buying blind but he was so grumpy about it, it just seemed easier to go with it and say that I’d go out and choose some taps myself which can make a bathroom look a bit more special.   And if it’s nice, the bathroom he ordered is a good deal.  We also ordered a heated towel rail and I ordered some fixtures and fittings like a mirror, shelf, robe hooks etc… from B&Q which weren’t the cheapest but as Steve couldn’t find them cheaper online went and collected them today!!

The only thing we’re not sure about getting is the shower and what sort we need.  There seem to be differences to pipe sizes and with the builders re-routing some pipes currently exposed I think we need to wait for their advice.

The rest of the house will be sorted next year.  What we have remaining is our bedroom, the hall stairs and landing and garden.  And of course the kitchen which needs extending.  My dream plan would to be to knock down the current garage, rebuild it with new foundations and have a new bedroom built on top, and then out at the back to make a dining/living room and larger kitchen which goes into the utility room, with a cloak room and downstairs toilet.

Well, how much that will all cost I don’t know.  That is my 5 year plan.  But our bedroom will be done on the cheap, hall stairs and landing will need new bannisters, and spindles and a decorator as I’m not going up the ladders and Steve is of the opinion that to pay someone rather than do it himself is worthwhile (completely the opposite to his Dad!!) and I need to get someone in to finish our garden which is a big open space still.

We have pre-booked a fabulous looking climbing frame for Joel’s third birthday which family are all contributing to, so I really need the garden levelling by then!!

Time is of the essence so it’s all up to me to get sorted.


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