My Christmas….

I have planned and prepared for this Christmas.  I even wrote lists to the amusement of Steve who couldn’t understand why I’d need a shopping list, a weeks menu, a Christmas day prep list of timings and such and some extra recipes.  I really don’t get how he thinks it all comes together in a random fashion as his mum says she does lists and planning too!!  He really took no notice of anything growing up!!

Christmas Eve was lovely.  I got up and got all my bits and bobs sorted.  I peeled potatoes, defrosted everything I’d bought in advance and frozen, set the table, prepared my bread sauce, chilled the wine, cooked the giblets for gravy stock, and got everything done that I could.

Then Steve was busy sorting church technical stuff for our carol service at church and Joel and I wrapped up and hitched a lift with my parents.  I was due to sing a solo and lead the carols but have been struggling with a cold for days and my asthma isn’t helping matters either!  Joel was very cute at the service in his Christmas onsie pyjamas and kept coming to me at the front and going back to Daddy on the lightpro.  I just about managed my solo although I struggled on the low notes due to a wheezy chest but I got the high notes which was the better way round!!

On returning home Steve and I sat and watched TV together and had our Christmas Day breakfast of muffins with scrambled egg and smoked salmon as we didn’t think we’d have time the next morning!!  That was nice and peaceful.

I stuffed Joel’s stocking whilst Steve wrapped his presents in the garage and then we turned in, expecting an early start!!

To be honest, I didn’t sleep well at all.  I was achey from all the standing during the day, the extra effort of the carol service, and excited about the next day.  I woke up at 6am and decided to get a start on dressing the turkey so came downstairs and buttered it, stuffed it with stuffing, added bacon and covered it in foil to put in the oven.  I peeled parsnips and carrots and put the sprouts in a pan.  Then I made a cup of tea and on hearing Joel get up, went back upstairs.  He hadn’t remembered it was Christmas so I showed him where his full stocking was.  Then he sat in bed with me awake and Steve still trying to sleep (apparently in his house Christmas didn’t start till 7.30am but try telling that to a 2 year old) so again he missed Joel opening his stocking for the third year in a row.

It was only on me threatening to open presents without him that got him downstairs in the end and he got his camera out to record Joel opening presents.  He was so sweet and said thank you to each one and opened it carefully, putting his paper aside and enjoying the contents before opening the next one.

We bought him a town playmat for his Wow toys and a rocket, a police plane and a police car.  He seemed to like them.  His favourite had to be the Chuggington trains that Santa brought though!!  Steve seemed to like his satnav holder, mini speakers, chocolates and electronic pen cleaner thingy (he’s hard to buy for!!) and I loved my Thomas Sabo charm of baby blue bootees, a nightie and soap and glory set.

We then went to get up and dressed for Church and Steve was comatose on the sofa so we left him whilst we went to church with the turkey cooking on the condition he get up and walk Izzy whilst we were out.  We got back an hour later to find him still comatose on the sofa.  With my parents imminently arriving, he was sent up to bed and I began to get on with dinner, checking the turkey (which had not really cooked enough, darn oven) and then Joel deciding he needed the potty for everything so I was trying to sort cleaning him, when my parents arrived!!

My Dad then entertained Joel and Mum checked the turkey with me and with Joel seeming tired we decided to try and walk him to get him off to sleep, plus Steve hadn’t taken Izzy out so they went for a good hour.  But he didn’t nap at all, just sucked his thumb so came back tired and a bit grumpy.

We sat down for our starter and Steve rallied round to join us.  Apparently his appetite wasn’t affected.   I don’t think he was ill, I just think he was over tired but he will insist on staying up watching TV late at night!  He called it fatigue though!!  Hmmm.

As things weren’t quite cooked and ready we had a break between the starter and main whilst I let the turkey rest and blasted the potatoes!  I even made my gravy from scratch!!  Things all seemed to come together quite nicely after a little wait and we sat down to what was (if I do say so myself) a very tasty Christmas lunch!  Joel was very funny and insisted on saying grace before every course.  He probably thought due to the waiting in between we were having lots of meals!!

Mum and Dad bought Joel a trampoline for Christmas so once we’d eaten our main course, due to the light fading and urgency of building, Dad and Steve went out to put it together.  Mum did washing up and I got to potter and rest for a little while!!  Then we re-assembled for Christmas pudding once Joel had had a bounce and I made white sauce (sweet with vanilla) for me and my parents and Steve had a pot of brandy butter to himself (with his strange southern ways).

Then we had another break before the fourth course of cheese and biscuits!  I was rather proud of the cheese course with some nice cheeses, grapes, celery, chutney and I made a pot of tea but Dad and Steve had port!!

After tea we cleared up again and went to watch a bit of Christmas TV.  Steve got sulky that we watched Strictly Come Dancing but cheered up when we opened some of Joel’s games.  He had a fun one from Santa where you wear a magnetic bug on your head and collect matching coloured balls, a magnetic fish game and a sort of ‘ker-plunk’ style game involving leaves and honey bees!!

He was a very tired little boy and once in bed fell asleep so we opened Steve’s new game of ‘Articulate’ and introduced my parents to playing that.  It was a lot of fun, and I do enjoy a game at Christmas!!  Then they departed and we retired to bed.  I was very tired, achey and sore and glad to lie down.  I slept pretty well as well with the main day being over.

Today will be a restful day to prepare for Steve’s family arriving tomorrow.  I need to finish my trifle and make some soup, change some beds and find the air beds to inflate.  Izzy will be going to my parents to be out of the way.  She gets too anxious and stressy with a houseful and it’ll make life easier if she stays calm at my Dads.

And that is Christmas 2013.  It’s been hard work being 34 weeks pregnant but Joel has really enjoyed himself and that made it all rather magical!


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