Joel’s new question is ‘why’ to everything.

I remember my little sister asking why to everything but at an older age!  I thought I’d have a few more years before having to think of an answer to every question under the sun.

It began on Tuesday morning.

I dropped Joel round to my parents for breakfast as they have him there for the day.  My Dad was transferring marmalade from a jar to a pot.  It’s fathy, but they like having their marmalade pot with a posh spoon!!

Joel observed for a minute then said ‘Grandad, what are you doing?’  Grandad replied ‘I’m putting marmalade in the pot to keep in the cupboard!’  to which Joel held up his hands in that toddler questioning pose and said ‘but why?!’

We all burst out laughing and Joel loves making us laugh and he chuckled too, saying ‘me funny, Joel so funny’!!  I told everyone at work but I guess you had to be there!

This morning’s conversation when along the lines of:

Joel – ‘Mummy, where’s Daddy?’

Me – ‘He’s asleep in bed’.

Joel – ‘But why?’

Me – ‘I’m not sure.  He doesn’t like to get up unless he has a business meeting and prefers to leave me to get everything sorted of a morning’.

Joel- ‘but why?

Me – I suppose because he’s had two morning meetings he can’t cope with the early starts and needs a lie in today.

Joel – ‘but why’

Me – He’s been working a lot of hours so needs a rest today.  He works so we can have this house and food.

Joel – ‘why?’

Me – because that’s the way our civilisation works.  We used to in the olden days exchange cows for eggs and wheat for fish but we now need money to do things like buy houses and food.  So Mummy works three days to earn money and Daddy works crazy hours to earn money.

Joel – but why?

Me – ‘Because the government say so’.

And at that point I was done.  I had nothing else to say and managed to change the subject.  I can see the ‘why’ question getting tedious soon!!!


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