Bump Pic and Party

So here are my bump pics from Tuesday:

photo 2 (7)

Feet, feet, where fore art thou feet?!

photo 1 (8)


And on Tuesday Steve asked me whether he had anything suitable to wear to a black tie event.  Apparently he’d had an invite for us to attend a charity function on Friday night!!  I had to laugh.  This is very Steve, all last minute and not a clue about anything.

So I told him that he did not have anything suitable for black tie.  He obviously thought a regular suit with an actual black tie was all that was required.  I don’t know how he can know so little about these sorts of things!!  So after we went to the funeral on Wednesday we headed into town to try and rent him a suit for Friday to be told these things weren’t kept in stock and needed ordering weeks in advance!  But to rent a suit was about £70 and to buy one in their sale was currently £75.  So we bought him a suit, the dress shirt, a bow tie and a new pair of shoes which are considerably smarter than anything else he has ever owned!!  I guess these sort of invites will continue to come in as he’s mixing in these business circles.

What other ‘Steveisms’ can I regale you with?  We had a little dispute when I enquired where his cufflinks might be.  He said he didn’t need them, that he would just fasten the buttons on the sleeves.  I had to explain that dress shirts do not have buttons and cufflinks are required!  Whilst he was determined to use the buttons, (because of course I was wrong on this matter), I borrowed my Dad’s cuff link collection so that when he realised he did need them I had a pair on hand!!

Of course, it’s not just not knowing what to wear for occasions.  He generally gets confused with vocabulary!  The other day he was talking about a ‘tactile email’ from our minister.  I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, so said tactile meant ‘touchy-feely’ and he said I was wrong.  Of course, as he says I’m wrong he’s pulling out his i-phone to check the dictionary definition and after looking up three accepted that I was right and he had been using the word incorrectly.   Better with me than with a client I guess!!

Then he asked if I could hire a dress.  I told him women’s wear didn’t quite work the same as menswear.  But I did get a lovely black lace maternity dress quite cheaply from New Look.  And it seemed to be the right thing to wear as last night pretty much all the ladies were in black lace dresses and all the men were in black tie and it does help you feel more comfortable in a room full of strangers looking as though you ought to be there!

When we got there we were on the VIP table with our local MP and other representatives from the PR company who had invited us.  They were all friendly and we had some nice conversations whilst having a lovely four course meal!  We had soup to start, then roast turkey, Christmas pudding, a cheeseboard and mince pies!  I was very hungry and ate everything and then felt uncomfortably full once we were home!!  Then the highlight of the evening was watching a soul band perform from the 70’s!!  Their promotional photo on the menu made them look quite young so it was really amusing to see these three old men hobble out and then proceed to sing heartily for 45 minutes!  They were called ‘The Real Thing’ and sang ‘You to me are everything’ which was the only song I knew!!

I found a full length mirror in the ladies so this is me in my dress!

photo 3 (7)

I have legs!  I’m sure this time with Joel I had swollen legs and cankles!!


photo 4 (4)

And here we are at our table:



It was a fun evening and Steve appreciated me making the effort to be there with him.  Although he’s great in a business setting with his networking and selling himself, in a social setting he still gets a bit awkward and seems unsure of himself so that’s where I come in!!  I’m happy to chat to anyone about anything and it was nice to meet some folk from his networking group.

I have to say I’m suffering today though.  Having worn heels for the first time in ages I’m really achy and overtired but it was worth it.  I’m very glad we have a quiet Saturday today.  Joel is playing happily with his lego and we’re going round to my parents to put their tree up after lunch.  Maybe we could fit a quick nap in beforehand too!



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