With having such a busy day yesterday and being made to walk all over town in search of suits for Steve I realised this morning that I’d not felt baby moving in the night like normal.   He normally wakes me up around 3-4am and although I’d rather be asleep, I missed the reassurance today.

I decided to keep an eye out during the day and although I got some little squirms and pokes it just didn’t seem enough to keep me comfortable.   I was all set to ring the hospital to go in for a trace to make sure things were ok.

But happily sitting here this evening, there is a lot of kicking and poking again so I’m quite reassured again.  My tummy is just moving around of its own accord.  I guess that’s taught me a lesson about doing too much.  More excuses to sit and rest methinks.  He still feels sideways to me.

A friend from work brought a couple of dresses in for me to possibly wear for the black tie do on Friday but they’re not quite cocktail wear.  As much as I didn’t want to buy something new, I did find a little black dress with lace sleeves in New Look which I could sell on again afterwards on Ebay as maternity party dresses do retain their value quite well.  Can you see how I’m trying to justify this to myself here!!!  Well, Steve spent a lot on his black tie suit, so I think £45 for a dress to make me feel nice tomorrow is ok.  I hope so anyway!!  It should arrive tomorrow and I can at least try it on to see what I think 🙂


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