Desperate Crafts

Joel enjoys a bit of craftiness, especially glueing and sticking, so on Monday we pulled a few bits and bobs out of the craft box and I have a stash of toilet rolls for some reason so we decided to make a sheep!

photo 1

First we ripped up the cotton wool….

photo 2

Joel wanted googly eyes to stick on his!

photo 3


This is what happens when Mummy suggests drawing on a face.  Obviously I meant on the cardboard tube, but Joel interpreted it differently!!  Luckily he cleaned up ok afterwards!!


photo 4


Adding eyes and a nose….

photo 5

And this is from this morning as he was so proud of putting his own pants on!  We’ve not had any accidents for days now.  He can hold his bladder for a good few hours and tells us when he wants a wee.  We still ask every now and then and he mostly tells us he doesn’t need the potty, and we trust that he knows now.   I never thought he’d take to it as well as he has, so I’m glad we waited those extra couple of months.

We have a busy week next week.  Well, Joel has.  He has Christmas parties every day practically!  I’ve been very lazy and missed the last two Monday toddler groups.  This week I had to wait in to return a parcel and collect the final Christmas presents (all wrapped and sorted now hurray!) and my Mum came to play in the afternoon so I could get my hair cut.  Plus I’m really achey and couldn’t face walking with the buggy there and back 😦   But we will be at the Christmas party on Monday as we’re taking sausage rolls along so I have to make an extra effort!


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