A Few Things…..

I am quite a fan of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Me Up ice-cream.  I have managed to stash a tub in the freezer which Steve hasn’t found and am working my through it when I feel I need a treat.  I’m not able to eat much in an evening at the moment as I’m getting reflux indigestion and food just makes me feel worse.  The cold ice-cream is nice and I love peanut butter.  It seems baby does too as he’s jumping away at the moment!

The other morning Joel came and climbed into bed with me.  “Mummy” he said.   ‘Yes Joel” I replied.  ‘I’m thinking!” said Joel.  “oh, what about” I asked.  “Horses” he said!!  It was really funny.  I don’t know what is going on in his little head at the moment but the fact he wanted me to know he was thinking about horses was cute beyond belief!!

Last night he came trotting into our bedroom and climbed up onto the bed and sat there saying ‘I’m awake Mummy, wake up!’  I assumed it was about 6.45 from the darkness outside, and glancing at my clock saw it was actually 4am!!!  So I just told him that it was still sleepy time and asked if he wanted to go back to his bed.  He burst into tears, lay down next to me and promptly went back to sleep!  And that was that!  Very strange.  He slept in until 7.30 and i was able to sneak a quick shower before he got up too which was a bonus.   A bath or shower on my own is a real treat these days!!

I’ve been back to work today after two weeks off.  I had my week’s holiday to decorate, and then a week’s sick leave and it was a nice break but now I’ve had one day in the office I was in tears with back ache this evening.  I’m sure my posture and chair are causing it, and the thought of two more days before my ‘weekend’ is very daunting.  I will mention it to my midwife in the morning.  I don’t want to risk being signed off work and then forced to take maternity early as our finances are relying on my having January as leave so as to get full pay until mid March before Joel’s free nursery hours take effect in April!!!  It’s a bit of a stress but I’ve never suffered with back pain like I have today.  Roll on Christmas Eve when I can finish for a year.   Can I make it?!!!!

On a better note potty training seems to really have sunk in for Joel.  We’ve been able to have days out (albeit taking the potty under the buggy) but Joel now says ‘need wee wee’ or ‘need potty’ and we just sit him on it and he keeps his clothes dry and clean!  He’s not had an accident for quite a while and today is showing really good control.  He had three wees and one poop all day!  Hurray!!


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