Coughs and Husbands

I’ve been asthmatic for a few years now.  It all began when I got really bad bronchitis, was off work for a few weeks and was really poorly.  Since then I just seem to get chest infections and need inhalers when the weather gets cold.  I’m fine during the summer, but need a steroid inhaler to strengthen my lungs and a reliever for when I get too wheezy.

So I do feel justified in being signed off work this week with another chest infection.  I know from experience that going into work and not resting only exacerbates the issues and results in me needing longer off work.

Being married to someone who doesn’t believe in getting ill 95% of the time (and is a terrible patient the other 5%) does get a bit wearing!  Especially at the moment as he has a little cough and keeps saying things like “maybe others have got this illness ‘we’ve’ got”.  I think to myself, he is not a pregnant asthmatic with a chest infection and a pulled stomach muscle.  He cannot count his little tickly cough with my lung wrenching painful stomach cramping cough.  He can’t way ‘We’ as he doesn’t have what I have!  He can’t take away my illness from me!!

I’ve had a lovely couple of days at home though. I’ve had the heating on, snuggled under a fleecy blanket, drunk hot blackcurrant squash, finished watching Nashville season 1 (oh my, it’s engaging!!) and napped every afternoon till about 3pm.  It really is what the doctor ordered.

Today I did a bit of online shopping (hurray for pay day) and have some wall stickers arriving for the nursery tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get them put up and can then show my photos off!!  I’ve also bought a birthing ball.  This baby is still sideways and I want to start sitting and bouncing to encourage him into place.  I did have one for when expecting Joel but Steve seems to think he may have binned it.  Or something.  Goodness knows.

A lady from church put this picture on my facebook page today asking where the other two were hiding:



I am looking rather all out there with the bump at the moment but am not prepared for more than one.  Steve said if there were more than one in there he’d ask for his money back.  I said ‘what money?!  what have you paid for?!’ as it’s not as though you pay the NHS for a scan!!  And we’ve had enough scans to be assured there is only one.  I’m just a short person and the only way is out for this baby.  It would be nice though if there were two and I could send Steve for a vasectomy!!  It’s funny as he always said he wouldn’t have one and I would need my tubes tied.  I’ve always maintained it’s easier for the man to get the snip and I wouldn’t contemplate having it done.  Anyway, I’ve always thought three was a good number.  But suddenly Steve is saying two is the end.  I don’t know.  I will wait to see how I feel in a years time and whether I could even cope with another pregnancy.  It’s harder this time than last I think.  Before we married he wanted four!!

The bump is getting very tight and itchy now.  I’m using Palmers cocoa butter lotion to try to soothe it down but I think this is where the skin’s elasticity goes to the point of no return.  I’m expecting stretch marks to start pinging their way along any time soon 😦



And I saw this today and though how very true.  Steve sleeps through anything.  Comes to bed late after going out to watch TV shows with his friend, gets up late and goes straight to work whilst I’m up in the night seeing to Joel if he wakes, getting him sorted in the morning, dealing with trying to dress a toddler who does not want to take his pyjamas off  (“Mummy, I need my pyjamas on”) and going out in the cold to get him to nursery in time for breakfast.  Whilst I’m meant to be signed off work.    It’s all right for some isn’t it.  And it normally seems to be better for the husbands.  Steve thinks I’m too controlling at times and things have to be done my way.  Maybe he’s right.  I don’t really trust him to do things right when it comes to Joel but that’s because the times he’s been left in charge, he’s not got to nursery in time for breakfast so has gone without until snack time!!

I think he knows that he has to up his game when this baby arrives and he can’t laze in bed and go to his office with 15 minutes to spare.  He will have to get up and dress Joel and sort things for nursery.  He can’t expect me to do night feeds and be up in a morning.  It will be interesting to say the least and I anticipate some blazing rows ahead.  But hopefully we’ll adjust and be a good team again.  Ooh-er 😦


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