Doctor Doctor

I went to the doctor last week with coughing a lot.    She gave me some cough linctus (which is a bit rubbish) and said to go back if I didn’t feel better.  My side began to feel as though it were splitting when I coughed.  Seriously, as thought I’ve been stabbed in my right side and there was a wound tearing open with every cough, or sneeze.

So after having had a rather sleepless night and been woken by splitting and agonising pains again I rang the doctor this morning and got in to see my favourite GP!!  Handily, Steve’s mum was visiting for a night, and we took Joel to his toddler group as normal, but I dashed off for my appointment leaving them to it.  Happily, he signed me off for a week.  I explained I was coughing a lot and thought I had pulled a stomach muscle.  He was sympathetic and listened to my chest saying I was rattling in my lungs which meant an infection.  I guess it was caught early as I don’t feel poorly from it or temperature at all but he gave me some strong antibiotics and told me to keep taking the paracetamols as pain relief.

I then went back to the toddler group where Joel was having a lovely time with his granny which was ace as I got to sit, drink tea and chat.

After a lunch of oatcakes, beans and bacon Joel was a bit floppy and went for a nap whilst Steve’s mum took our dog for a walk.  I could hear Joel coughing up a storm and kept checking on him but he seemed asleep despite the coughing.  After half an hour Steve’s mum returned, I went to see how Joel was and he was awake and looking at me.  I sat him up for a drink of water and whoosh – muscasy vomiting alert.  It just all came up and out.  All his lunch, breakfast, snack, 😦  I managed to catch most of it in his t-shirt and called for help!!  Joel was very upset (understandably) and still couldn’t seem to stop coughing.

I was getting nightmare flashbacks of our dash to hospital with a severe respiratory infection last year so in a panic managed to get him into the doctors at 5pm.   He coughed all afternoon and was very floppy and I got him all wrapped up and in the car.  We battled the rush hour traffic to get there on time to find things were running behind.  Sitting in the waiting room he began to perk up.  I hoped he’d at least cough in the doctor’s office but no.  When we went in he was happy, chatty, alert and pickley.   The doctor greeted him with a big raspberry, and Joel gleefully blew one back at him.  My heart sank and I felt embarrassed and neurotic.  To be fair, the doctor was very understanding and when I explained his previous history said I’d done the right thing, and it was better to be sure with little children.  I left it too late last time and the outcome was totally different.  So I can’ thelp but worry.

So I’ll just keep an eye on him, but at least he’ll be fit for my parents and nursery this week so I still should get my free days.

I’ve also been panicking about my hurting muscles and have even rung the delivery suite for advice!!  I did make the midwife laugh saying that she was perfectly able to tell me I’m crazy, but she recommended I pop along to a drop in midwife morning nearby tomorrow to have things listened to which I may do.  I just feel with the weird tearing feeling that something worse than a pulled muscle has happened.  Baby is still moving happily about, I’ve had no other signs at all, like bleeding or anything else so I’m sure things are all ok but it would nice to get some reassurance.

My 31 week appointment is on the 4th December so not till next week.

It’s so worrying waiting for this baby to come.  I don’t know how ladies in olden days did it to be honest!!


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