30 Weeks…

How far along:  30 Weeks

Total Weight Gained:  Still don’t know for sure…..

Maternity Clothes:   Nothing else will fit now.   I have to say, I’m so glad of my maternity coat.  It’s got really chilly here and I couldn’t be without it now.  My waterproof coat is way too tight around the tummy now to zip up.

Stretch Marks:  Still not got any more.

Sleep:   Not good again.  I’ve been coughing something awful and my hips are really achey now during the night.  I’m managing to sleep through with only one toilet visit at the moment but my cough is causing a lot of pain with what I think is a pulled muscle in my right side.  Honestly it feels as though I’m ripping open when I cough.  It’s agony.

Best Moment of the Week:   It’s not great, but I got signed off work for a week today at the doctors.  He listened to me cough and said my lungs were rattley at the bottom and I had an infection.  So I have to rest for a week.   I feel as though I need it.   I could cope with the cough on its own but with the painful muscle I’m a bit useless at the moment.  When I was in with my doctor I got a coughing fit which then made me cry with the pain of it and that was it.  A sick note.  Hurrah.

Movement:  Still fine and lots of them.  I do feel that things are a lot different to when carrying Joel.  I get these breathless moments when my whole tummy goes hard and feels pushy outy as though he’s turning about heavily.

Food Cravings:   I have just eaten a huge tin of grapefruit.  I love it with some sugar on.  And Cadbury’s Brunch bars are my new favourite naughty snack.  Mind you, I’ve been eating terribly these past few days.  I’ve really had the munchies for cakes and sweets and chocolates!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!!

Belly Button:  All out and flat.

What I miss:  Sleep, feeling well, not feeling heavy, not feeling achey, just feeling myself I guess.  I feel a bit as though I can’t control myself or my emotions at the moment.  Steve and I have had some right barney’s this week, mainly because he is working crazy hours, I can’t cope with everything at the moment and he is not being at all sensitive to the fact that I am more emotional and highly charged than normal and trying to be nicer to me.  It’s  a flammable combination.  If I were my normal self I could probably bite my lip more, or cope with the extra pressure more but we’re both really on edge this week.

What I’m looking forward to:  Having a few days to snooze, finish watching Nashville, catch up with Modern Family, not think about work at all.  And some online shopping after pay day.

Milestones:  30 weeks along now.  And 10 weeks to go.   The nursery is done now with the cot assembled, the nursing chair in place.  My hospital bags are packed so I’m pretty much ready in case little dude decides to come early.

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