Dining Room….

My Mum and Dad have been brilliant the past couple of days and helped to finish painting the nursery and fix the dining room.

I just need to hang the curtains and build the cot up in the nursery which will be later today and then I’ll have some photos to show, but here is the dining room which is pretty much done bar getting a cupboard for the corner to stand a little TV on!!  We hope to fit a chair and a rug in as well, but we’ll see 🙂  Oh, and the carpet will be replaced with wooden flooring but that may have to wait now until after Christmas.

photo 3 (3)

This is a bit dark, but shows our curtains and dining table by the doors into the little conservatory.

photo 2 (2)

This is a photo frame I got from Next with birthday vouchers.  I know it seems rather narcissistic but Steve actually has NO photo’s that I could add to it!!  So I’ve put in some of my family photos I love, my maternal cousins with my Grandma at her birthday (possibly 85th) and my paternal cousins at my Great Aunty Joan’s wedding (her first wedding at 78 years old!!) my sisters and me, Aunty Joan and me at my wedding, my parents and me on my 18th birthday, my Uni friends in a group pic on my 23rd birthday, Joel looking cute and me and Steve on the first morning of our honeymoon.  And one Cranston pic of Steve’s brother’s wedding day.  Steve is terrible at taking photos of family and people anyway, and has nothing like that to show his friends or family through the years!!  I have asked his Mum for some old family pics to put up as all our pics around the house are very me-centric!!  The only pics I have of his family are from our wedding, and a couple I copied from facebook to put in frames so it didn’t look as though I was deliberately cutting them out!!

photo 1 (3)

This is the corner which still needs a new cupboard/shelves or something.  But you can see the fireplace has been fixed and the floral carpet!!!

photo 4 (1)

This is looking across the room from the messy corner, and the two pictures are from my old house but the wall was bare, and I may get a couple of prints to replace the blue tulips.  I do love my door with the glass pane!!  Have I mentioned that I now have four solid doors to go upstairs at some point.  They arrived this morning and are stored in the garage.  I do love a bargain 🙂

photo 3 (2)

I love this corner.  It has my Grandma’s bureau in it.  It’s a lovely walnut piece of furniture and the item I was allowed after she died in 2003.  I think there is a matching sideboard which my sister had and doesn’t use any more, but whether that would be too heavy in the dining room I don’t know.  I could ask for it I guess.

photo 2 (1)

And here is the fireplace all fitted with a mirror and my Mum popped a light tree in the middle just for effect!!  I will have to add something to put in the middle.  The carpet was cut around the old hearth which was ugly which is why it all needs replacing and with toddlers and babies wooden floor will be more practical to clean than carpets which would be ruined with food flung about.

photo 1 (2)


And through the door again!!  I love it 🙂  And here’s a reminder of how it was to start with 6 months ago….

new house 19


Thinking about how much it cost makes it a bit of a bargain.  The curtains were a present from my parents (which my Mum got cheaply in the Dunelm sale anyway), the labour of stripping the wallpaper was done by family and removal of the cupboard units was the same.  We had to pay to have the fire taken out, and then the silly gas pipe taken out which was about £230 in total but you can’t quibble with gas pipes and such.  Then the wallpaper (we used a quality lining paper) was only about £10 and my Dad hung that for us and the paint was under £15.  The door was £10 in a clearance sale, the fireplace was £10 from Ebay, I got the curtain pole for £17 in the B&Q sale and everything else we already had.  I don’t know how much flooring will cost yet, I’ve not done any looking about yet.  So I’m hoping to get a cupboard unit on Monday to complete it all sort out the TV and wires up that corner so discounting the gas costs, the room was done for under £100 (or hopefully will be).

It’s funny to think that next door has been sold and bought by a developer.  They’ve spent 8 weeks doing the property up to rent out.  They’ve had  a lot of work as it needed completely re-wiring which meant plastering.  They’ve knocked down the kitchen/dining room wall to make one big room and opened up doors and blocked up others.  They’ve just got to the decorating stage and it’s all magnolia and put a new kitchen in.  It’s taken us 6 months to do what we’ve done but then they’ve worked every day solidly.  I’d love to be nosy and have a look around it.  We did view it beforehand but there were probate issues which meant they weren’t accepting any offers and I doubt they’d have accepted our offer anyway and the right house came along shortly afterwards for a better price and if we can carry on doing it up as cheaply as we are (although admittedly over a longer period of time) then we’ll have really got a bargain.


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