Chills and Sniffles

Am I still grumpy?  Not so much today.

Am I still tired?  Yes!   I am still not sleeping with waking up through the night for toilet trips, turning over in bed and now I have a wretched cough which has caused me to pull a stomach muscle so coughing is not only annoying for my throat, but is agony for my side as well.  It’s worrying thinking about baby in there, but I can feel him moving about so he is fine but I feel as though I can only cough clutching my side in an effort to hold things in place to alleviate the stabbing pains 😦

I’m glad I’ve not been at work this week although I’m not sure I will be fit for work next week either at this rate!  I did go to the doctor yesterday who said I had a bit of a temperature and my ears were inflamed but not enough for antibiotics and to go back Monday if I wasn’t feeling better.  She also gave me some syrup for my cough which is ok for pregnancy.  Whether it will help or not I don’t know.

I will certainly attempt to nap today and put Joel down for a sleep.  As it’s Friday he can stay up a bit later if he wants to and hopefully see Steve who hasn’t been getting in till after 10pm every night as he’s working so many hours at the moment.

And I’ll keep sipping my hot water, lemon and honey!!  And taking paracetamol for all the good that it’s not doing 😦  *sigh*

Oh, and in other news, Joel has been dry in the day since one accident on Sunday, and that was after a dry weekend too, so one accident in 8 days is great!!  He’s been taking himself to sit on his potty when he needs to go.  At his toddler group on Tuesday my Mum told me he kept pulling his trousers and pants down where he was playing then waddling like a penguin to where the potty was!!  He doesn’t realise its quicker to run there with trousers up and pull down ready to sit down!!  But at least he’s sensing the signals!!



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