Exhausted Is Not the Word!!

Remind me to not sign up for a weekend conference being 7 months pregnant again!  I just found it so tiring and am suffering today!!

We started with a long 5 hour drive with one break down to Eastbourne on Friday and checked into our B&B.  It was pretty basic, but had everything we needed for two nights and was 1 minute from the conference centre which was brilliant as last year we were a mile away!!

We registered at the Mission Worship conference and went along to the first session Friday evening which was 7.30 – 9.30.  It was really good, we had excellent seats, the worship was led by Worship Central (Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon and Luke Fellingham) and Glenn Packiam was speaking.  I wasn’t too tired although just a bit achey from the long drive down.

On Saturday we had a 9.45 start with a big celebration all together, with worship led by New Life Colarado and Glenn talking again before Martin Smith led worship, then the afternoon was split into three seminar sessions.  I did nip back to the hotel at lunch time for a sit down and a cup of tea in my room as Steve went into the town for McDonalds and then it was suddenly 1.30 and time for the first session and I’d been asleep!!  I just made it in time, so thank goodness for the noisy seagulls who woke me!

I attended two New Songs sessions which I really enjoyed.  I don’t think my brain could have coped with heavy theology to be honest, but it was good to meet some current song writers, learn their new songs and get an understanding as to why they wrote them and the meanings behind them.

Then the others stayed on for a third seminar but I needed a break so wandered into the town as well, getting a drink and having a slow mooch and got a table at the local Wetherspoons for dinner.  After some food we headed back for the evening celebration again and it was back to bed for me.  Steve didn’t go to the late night sessions either.  Just being on the go so much was exhausting.  Lou Fellingham led the first session and Pete James from Spring Harvest led the second session.

And Sunday morning I began to struggle.  We were up earlier as it had an earlier start and I couldn’t stand as much as previous days so had to remain seated for the worship (Chris McClarney and Robin Marks)  It was very good though, as was Glenn’s preaching although I hate to admit I nodded off on Steve’s shoulder as I couldn’t keep my eyes open and we set off for home straight after coming out at 1.30.  We had a long 5 hour drive ahead of us!   And I was uncomfortable.

I am not going anywhere else on a long drive again until after this baby is born.  I just can’t do it at the moment and need to ensure I get enough rest.  Something I’m not sure Steve understands, but I certainly will be looking after myself better from this point forwards.

And I missed Joel so much.  He had two nights at my parents who took him to Wales for the day on Saturday to play with his big boy cousins Theo and Isaac, and he had a wonderful time.  He came running to say hello when we collected him last night and seemed glad to see us although he went straight back to playing with Grandad’s cars which is a good thing I guess!!  It was hard leaving him as he’s more aware of things than he was last year, but I guess it’s good for him in the long run.  Steve and I did this conference last year as well, and although I knew this year would be different I hadn’t prepared for how tired I would be.  I doubt I’ll make it next year with a 9 month old, but Steve and the others are keen to go again.

We’re having a quiet day in today to recover as we are both coughing a lot and feeling weary and its nice making the most of cuddle time whilst we can with just the two of us!!

And there are 36 sleeps until Christmas!!  And when I finish work 🙂  Hurrah!


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