Blood Day :(

I’d almost forgotten that I had to have my bloods checked at my 28 week midwife appointment.

And I’ve had that many procedures this year from the hospital I’ve almost got used to it being done and have been much better than I used to be at having blood taken.

I am not afraid of needles at all, I can cope fine with injections.  I am not wussy about blood, i can deal with it.  I can’t actually explain what it is about having blood taken at all but it freaks me out and gets me stressed and I have a strange emotional reaction involving tears.  At least I used to.  I have been so much better since having canulas and all manner of things earlier this year.

Until this morning that is.

The main part of the appointment was fine.  My urine tested fine, my blood pressure was perfect and the heartbeat was banging away and she measured my bump today which measured fine on their scale for 28 weeks.

Then it was time for the blood tests!  I offered my left arm, looked away as I can’t watch the procedure, straightened my arm, let her tighten the torniquet, and pumped my hand to increase the blood flow.  I did everything I was asked to do.  She found a vein, stabbed at it and then it went!  She tried my right arm, and then my left arm again.  I have said time and time again to various folk that I have difficult veins but not one of them believes me until they’ve tried to get my blood themselves!

So the next phase was calling in a phlobotomist to have a go and she tried four times, twice each arm and was getting cross saying that I seemed to be in shock which made my veins shrink as the needle came near!!

As a last resort I had to lie on the bed and have the blood pressure thing on my arm and tight to push all my veins out.  I’m feeling bleurgh just thinking about it now, but they did get the blood finally.

It was just the same as my 28 week appointment when I was expecting Joel.  Except in the end they did give up and send me to hospital to have it done where it was very quick and painless!!

At least that should be it for now all being well.


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