28 Weeks :)

How far along:  28 Weeks :)

Total Weight Gained:  Well, I did stand on some scales a few days ago.  And I wasn’t as horrified as I thought I’d be.  Pretty much I’m still the same from the last time I weighed myself, so I guess things have evened out, and as I’m sure baby is growing nicely, I’m not adding on extra pounds I don’t need.   As I was about 1/2 stone more than I wanted when I first got weighed at 12 weeks pregnant, I’ve since put another stone on in total.  So I will count it as 1 stone extra for now, although I have at least 1 1/2 to lose once baby is born.   I will be back on slimming world good and proper and possibly will be looking at some fitness classes/swimming a couple of times a week too.

Maternity Clothes:   Still in the same boring clothes back at work.  I’m in black trousers daily and either a pink jumper which has gone through about 6 pregnancies (it was my sisters to start with and has gone round lots of ladies), or a t-shirt with a long cardigan.

Stretch Marks:  Nope not yet.   Just the one little possible mark still sat there waiting…..  I’ve not used any cream this time either.  With Joel I remember using it as my stomach skin got really itchy, but whether that came later I can’t remember.

Sleep:   Gone bad again 😦  My hips and joints are really aching and I can’t get comfy in bed, plus I am getting kicked all night long which is a reassuring thing and I like feeling it, but I am very tired due to it as well.  All I can take is paracetamol, although I’m trying to avoid it unless really in pain at the moment.

Best Moment of the Week:   I ordered my new breast pump at nearly 40% off!  It’s a Medela swing and comes highly recommended.  I did like my Tommee Tippee one, but it was noisy and I always said I’d invest a bit more if I had a second baby.  I’ve got a few Medela bottles to store the milk in, but will use the Tommee Tippee bottles for feeding from.  I still have my Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser and I liked the bottles and teats.  I will try to express enough to do a bottle feed every so often and they did come in useful with Joel so a night feed could be done by others.  Although I did wake up needing to express most times anyway, that or just leaked!!    I’ve also been a bit extravagant and bought some Aden and Anais giant muslins for swaddling (like the ones HRH Prince George was wrapped in on leaving the Lindo Wing!!) but I did find muslins so useful, but found them on the small side, so giant large ones will be perfect and what’s good enough for HRH Prince George will be good enough for this baby too!  (And yes, I know it’s silly to stress about money on a monthly basis and splash out on these things, but I don’t think logically all the time and I am sure these will be worth it!)

Movement:  Yes, lots of night time kicking, prodding and squirming at the moment.

Food Cravings:   We’re still trying to eat healthily, but cheaply as money is really tight this month.  I’m cooking bolognese from our leftovers last week which I froze!  And if we can manage for the next two weeks on the food I bought last night then we’ll be ok with some pennies spare!!

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Flat flat flat.  I think my bump is pretty neat and round at the moment.  I don’t think it was this flat with Joel this early.  I guess that’s a second time thing.

What I miss:  I think I’ll be hosting Christmas dinner with my parents this year.  We had saved the day for Steve’s parents to come up so they could see Joel on Christmas Day, which was the original plan but they’ve decided to stay there and just come up for a short weekend break instead after Christmas.  So rather than just be the three of us, my parents will come for lunch after church.  And I’m struggling to work out a pregnancy friendly menu without pate, shellfish, brie etc….  I will miss those foods this Christmas because that’s the time of year to enjoy them!

What I’m looking forward to:  We have our weekend at our worship conference this Friday.  I will miss Joel such a lot, but it will be nice for us to have some Kate and Steve time.  Two nights away without a little face shouting ‘wakey wakey’ right into my face before 7am is going to be quite a luxury!  I bet I wake up at that time regardless!!  And a cooked breakfast both mornings!  Yum!

Milestones:  28 weeks!  I’m officially a third trimester person now.  I can’t believe we’ve made it this far.  It’s taken such a long time, yet has also flown by since getting the positive test this time.  12 weeks to go until my due date, 14 weeks to go until we will definitely have him to hold (with possibly going over) and once this week at work is done, 6 weeks left until maternity leave starts!

Bump Pic:  To follow!!!  But in the meantime something that is true:



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