Me, Myself and I

This is sort of another things Joel says post.

He hasn’t got the hang of ‘I’ yet or talking in the first person, but says ‘Me’ and ‘My’ a lot.

“My do it myself”….  is quite a common one now, which refers to walking downstairs, putting shoes on, zipping up his coat, climbing into his booster seat for meals, getting into the car (he does acknowledge he can’t yet do this and then stops to say ‘help me Mum)’!!

“Me not tired, me awake now” first thing in the morning, right in your face as he’s crept in, on the bed and is sitting between us biding his time!!!

“It’s a bit dark/it’s not dark” dependent on whether it is night or day!!!

“It’s a bit scary” when referring to the afore mentioned dark.  I think Daddy has mentioned about dark possibly being scary and now he’s quite latched onto the idea which I am trying to dispel.   We are taking a torch to collect him from nursery so he can hold that and we point out that if we can see, then it isn’t very dark.  I don’t want him to be afraid of the dark 😦

“Me did it!!!  Sweetie please!  Thank you” when successfully producing a wee or poo in the potty!!    (And on that note, we’ve had three accident free days where he is able to hold it all until sitting on a potty so am feeling chuffed with that!)

“Whats that noise?  Is that me?” when a little windy-pops escapes him!!  This one can leave us in fits of giggles as he seems genuinely perplexed where the trumpy noise came from!!!

“Me funny, Joel funny”  he has developed an ambition to be the class clown, as discussed by his key worker at nursery as well!  He loves making us laugh and being silly (although if we say silly he responds “me not silly, me funny!” as though that makes a difference!)   Where this will lead him in life remains to be seen!

The other night I popped out to a shop and left Steve in charge who was a bit distracted with his work but I had to return something whilst I had the chance and the car available.  When I got back Joel was sat on the potty, where I’d left him and it was past his bedtime, he was watching Aladdin, and I asked why he was still on the potty.  His little voice replied “Daddy no play with Joel, Daddy been talking” and it was true.  Steve had spent nearly an hour on the phone, checking that Joel was seemingly happy in front of the TV whereas I’d expected to have come back to find a bathed and in bed boy.  So his talking can tell us when something is the matter as well as entertain us.  Daddy was suitably admonished and Joel has forgiven him so hopefully, that won’t happen again.

Oh, and our favourite phrase at the moment:

“me need money/Daddy’s phone/sweeties/chocolate/ipad” and our response?   No two year old ‘needs’ any of the above!!!  Not in his world.  It’s sometimes like having a mini teenager to contend with.  But yes, he does make us laugh so much.


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