Hospital Bags

I like to be organised and have already got two bags on the go for hospital, the same two I bought cheap from Primark last time actually.

I found my old list from earlier in my blog and here it is below.  I think most things are almost sorted and I don’t need to add much at all.  I will also have a third bag this time to leave at home by the front door in case of c-section as sending Steve home for extra clothes resulted in some odd things coming back to me!!!

Check List on Heading to Hospital for Labour – to be stuck onto the front door!!

Maternity Notes 
Kate’s Bag – Getting sorted slowly…
Baby’s Bag – this one is almost done now!!  
Snacks Bag
Birthing Ball
Steve’s Camera Bag (incl a few bits for him eg t-shirt, deodorant etc..)

Check List for Packing – Kate’s Bag

Slippers –
Dressing Gown – very light one
Comfy change of clothes to go home in – joggy bottoms and t-shirt
Huge t-shirt to labour in
Wash Bag – shampoo, body wash, moisturizer, etc… lots of mini products!
Lip Balm
Make-up bag – just a few items!!
Big pants for afterwards
Maternity Pads
Breast Pads
Hair Brush and bobbles
Earplugs/Sleep mask
Check List for Packing – Baby’s Bag

Nappy bags
Cotton Wool
Vest/babygro/hat/scratch mitts x 2 newborn size
Vest/babygro/hat/scratch mitts x 1 0-3 size
Little Toy

Snacks Bag

Fruity 5 Alive cartons
Frozen Ribena bottles
Fruit jelly sweets


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