Bit of Progress….

So with having three Joel free days this week, and the first one involving removal of wardrobe and a bit of wallpaper steaming and a nap, the second day I was energy personified.  Whether the extra sleep helped me through I don’t know but I tidied the house, sorted the kitchen, and completely removed all the wallpaper from the back bedroom!!  The steamer lasts for approximately an hour once filled and in about 4 hours with a little sit down inbetween I managed to get it all done.  I even did the high bits round the ceilings by hanging from the step ladders (very carefully too I might add!!)

I haven’t taken a photo as to be honest it doesn’t look all that different with all the clutter still in the middle but my Dad has said he will come by tomorrow to start putting up the lining paper and I need Steve to paint the ceiling white and gloss the skirting boards before we paint the walls and put a new carpet down.

Oh, and a lovely lady at church has adjusted the nursery curtains as our old window was narrow and long, whereas here they are shorter and wide!!  So the end is in sight.

And the third day I was terribly lazy and relaxed all day long and watched a few episodes of ‘Nashville’ as I’d not seen it before (I liked it!) and walked the dog twice and that was it!  I have to say I felt better the previous day, sometimes being lazy doesn’t help get over tiredness at all!

And although we had a bit of a bad week with potty training last weekend, things are looking up.  He has been telling me today that he needs a wee, and is glad to be in his pants and asked for no nappy.  We’ve had three wee’s on the potty today and are waiting for a poo although he’s been very good at pooping on the potty at nursery the past two days.

I guess we’ll just keep persevering with it and hope it clicks properly soon.   I definitely think the relaxed approach is working for him.


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