27 Weeks

How far along:  27 Weeks :)

Total Weight Gained:  Erm……   *tumbleweed*

Maternity Clothes:   As I’m on leave this week it’s lovely to not have to really think about what to wear for work and hang out in maternity jeans and a hoody!  I think it’s having to find a second work wardrobe that is the pain when pregnant as you have to try to look smart when you really don’t feel like it!

Stretch Marks:  No major new ones yet.  Tummy button is all out and flat now.  It feels very weird.

Sleep:   Hasn’t been too bad this week.  I’m sorry to say it’s probably because Steve has given up me disturbing him with huffing and puffing and turning over 10 times a night and retreated to the spare bed in the nursery to be!!  Plus when he has his early morning breakfast network meetings I’m normally woken up early too, but it’s been nice this week to have the big bed to myself!!  Sorry Steve 😦

Best Moment of the Week:   I’ve made a start on the nursery.  Not a great start due to getting achy, lying down and falling asleep as you do but I am enjoying not having to be at work this week!!  7 weeks now till I can finish for a year and I can’t wait.  I’m getting tired now.    Oh, and I enjoyed buying a few more baby bits the other day.   We really don’t have a lot of spare money at the moment and not that we need much, (except house work doing) but it was nice to feel I’d got a bargain.

Movement:  Yes, pretty regular now.  I think I’m beginning to get a pattern.  From 6am there is poking and wiggling which wakes me and stops me going to sleep.  There is bladder stabbing which means when I stand up I immediately need the toilet!  There is early evening where I seem to get this weird baby turning feeling and having him push his arms and legs to my back and press out through my tummy as hard as he can whilst wiggling which can make me feel dizzy so I have to sit down and breath through it!  Very strange.  But mostly, when I sit down and rest for five minutes I get a poke or kick or wriggle as if to say ‘Hey Mum, I’m still here’ which is reassuring.

Food Cravings:  I am trying this week to counteract the calories by resuming a Slimming World diet.  It’s not a diet as such, more healthy eating and making sure I get enough vegetables.  My cottage pie last night was tasty and Steve ate the lot before finding out the hidden vegetables and fighting an urge to say he didn’t like then.   We have bolognese for tea tonight (the other half of the mince I cooked up) and stir fry tomorrow, a curry on Friday and I’ve forgotten the rest of the week’s menu but it’s all healthy.  Although I am having extra milk to drink and an extra piece of toast about 10am.

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Is rather out and flat now.  I seem to have suddenly protruded a lot.

What I miss:  Honestly, I don’t really feel I’m missing much at the moment.  I can’t way I’m missing work at all.  I’ve slept better this week.  I could say I’m missing my fitness.  Walking the dog is an effort at the moment.  I sort of plod along and try to get a good distance so she feels she’s been out enough but she could be out all day long!!   With my chest feeling wheezy with the cold weather I’ve got a new inhaler which should help but it makes exercise more of an effort.  I was actually looking at fitness classes for next year.  And wondering whether I could leave a month old baby for one hour to go and do a class or whether I would not want to.  All I know is that I will be getting back on the healthy eating straight away, and not let Steve sort dinners at all (McDonalds, KFC and oven chips).

What I’m looking forward to:  Next weekend Steve and I are going to a worship conference in Eastbourne.  I’m worried about the journey, it’s over 4 hours on a Friday afternoon and going around the M25 and took us 6 hours last year.  I’m worried how I’ll cope in the packed out worship sessions with the heat and crowds.  I’m worried that me being there will get in the way of others having a good weekend.  But I’m also glad to be going as we loved it last year and it’ll be really good for me and Steve to have a weekend away like that without Joel (who will be at Grandma and Grandad’s for two nights!!)

Milestones:  This time next week I’ll be an official third trimester lady.  I can’t believe it’s come round so fast, but really, it’s taken 2 years to get here.  I just can’t wait to meet this baby!

Bump Pic:  Posted yesterday!!


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