Stage One of Nursery

This morning my Dad came round to remove a fitted wardrobe from the back bedroom and we found all manner of wallpaper behind it!

It’s nice to think that we’re only the second family to live in this house.  The previous couple bought it from new (they were called Olive and Heath) and although they didn’t have children, they had nieces and I like to imagine it was a happy house.

Anyway, so the wardrobe went out and I was left to get on with the stripping of the wallpaper(s).  I had some lunch due to being very hungry at 1pm, and then I sort of did a couple of hours worth (my back is really starting to get achy now) and went to sit down and next thing I knew it was 4pm and I’d been asleep.  Great start!!

My Dad had come back to sort the concrete in the fireplace of the dining room so we can progress there as well and get the fire surround in, but I have another two Joel free days whilst he’s at nursery to finish the back room.  I had aspirations of stripping the bedroom wallpaper as well but I think that’s not going to happen.  All the stuff from the back room is currently in our room and until that room is sorted so things have a home, there’s just too much furniture hanging around.  I need more storage space!!!  We need to get up into our loft and board it for boxes and old Joel clothes to go up there really.

Anyway, here’s some pics of how it was before I began the removal of wallpaper…

new house 13

The fitted wardrobes around a chimney breast.  We have left it on the right as it’s hiding the boiler and has a handy airing cupboard where all sheets and towels are stored at the moment.

photo 5


All furniture has been moved into the middle so I can get around the edges with the steamer.


photo 4

photo 3


So much junky stuff!!!  I can’t wait to move it all back and find homes for everything.

photo 2

photo 1


I think I counted at least 5 different wallpapers in this corner!!  He seemed a thorough chap who took off the old if accessible before putting the new on.  The blue pattern was the first, then the orange flowers second, a different floral paper was underneath, and two other eighties type papers afterwards!!  How tastes change over the decades.  My Dad said he liked the orange flower one and that we had something like it in my nursery when we lived in Solihull!!  I wonder I ever slept with that much going on with the walls!!!!

Next stop, no wallpaper!!  Then it will get plain lining paper to cover any plaster cracks and a coat of paint so watch this space!!  🙂


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