Potty Poops

This week has not gone so well.  On Saturday we went to the local Monkey Forest with Joel in pants, and although he did sit on his potty (carried round in a bag under the buggy!!) and managed the tiniest wee imaginable whilst out and about, he still did a huge wee in his pants when we got back to the car.  After a change we decided to just put a nappy on him as we went for lunch in a tasty pie shop!!  I love it there, you get a good dollop of mashed potatoes, a delicious pie, some minty mushy peas and lovely gravy.  Steve’s family all decided that mushy peas were far too Northern for their southern tastes, although Steve’s Dad did try some and his Mum on tasting them decided they weren’t terrible!!  (Anything north of Bristol is ‘Ooop North’ for Steve’s family whereas for us who live in the Midlands, the north is sort of up past Sheffield)!!

Anyway, I went to Church early on Sunday leaving Steve to bring Joel along later.  Which he did.  In the wrong clothes, and in a nappy so Sunday was a none pants day and he didn’t show any incentive to sit on his potty at all.

Which brings us to today.   We began in pants, took the dog out for a walk and on getting back I asked whether he wanted to sit on the potty, to which he said no, and proceeded to do both wee and poop in his pants.  That is not a nice combination to have to clean up.  At least in a nappy the wee is soaked in.  In pants it’s far more disgusting.  No one told me and I hadn’t expected it!!  So I took the option to keep him in a nappy today again.  He didn’t want to try sitting on his potty at all and I wasn’t going to push the issue.  If he’s not ready to tell me yet, then he’s just not ready.  He seems to be able to know when to go and put himself on a potty (normally) but isn’t indicating yet if he doesn’t know where to go.  Today he was just a bit tired and grumpy I think so not in the mood.

Then things got better.  We had a nice morning at the toddler group.   We had eggy bread for lunch and Joel was so tired, he had a little nap, my order from Tesco’s arrived early, so I got that all put away, left the kitchen tidy, got Joel up and then we were off to town.  With no second car and my weird sciatica pain there was no way I’d make it to town just walking, so we got the bus!!  It was a bit of an adventure for Joel.  He liked ‘his’ bus and on getting to town we called into Sainsbury’s to catch a bit of the 25% off clothing sale.

And even though there seemed to be nothing I liked in the 2-3 years range, I did get a few nice 0-3 bits!!

photo (4)

Here we have a pack of 0-3 short sleeved vests, a pack of muslins, a lovely fluffy little jacket with ears, and two dungaree outfits, one with matching dribble bibs!!  When Joel was 0-3 it was April, May and June and pretty warm so most of his stuff that size is short sleeved so the warmer stuff will be useful.  Plus with the discount on everything and a £10 refund voucher I’d had languishing in my purse since May, so I got it all for less than £30.  Hurray!

Then we went to the park and played for an hour in between the rain showers, and had a doctor’s appointment afterwards to get our inhalers renewed.  Joel has the same winter asthma that I have although we seem to be managing it ok so far since the chill came for Autumn.

Then it was home on the bus again to make dinner and since I was feeling efficient I also made a shepherds pie and a bolognese for the next two nights dinners.

Oh, and here’s my bump from this morning – 27 weeks this week.

photo (7) photo (6) photo (5)

And the mark on my cheek that had perplexed me is actually a mark on the mirror and won’t clean off!!  It appeared on previous pictures as well which is what confused me.  I’m getting very sticky outy aren’t I.  You can see my old breastfeeding pillow in the background on the first picture.  And this is the room I will be getting on with decorating tomorrow if all goes to plan.


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