Dining Room

Its been a while since I posted any photos of work we’ve been doing on the house.  Mainly because we’ve not done a great deal!!  As previously mentioned we hit a hindrance in the gas pipe sticking out of the old fireplace and have had to wait for a gas man to come out and sort a job for us.

Anyway, here’s some pics of what it was, and where we’re at currently:

new house 19

This is what we had for the back room when we moved in.  We did not like the fitted cupboards, carpets, fireplace or hearth.  It must have been used as a bit of a sitting room as there were two arm chairs facing the fire.  And a lot of stuff left in the cupboards that took a lot of clearing.  It backs onto the little sunroom/conservatory that has become a little playroom for Joel.

new house 20


It’s hard now to remember it looking like this, as it was quite a dark room.  We got rid of the heavy curtains and on a visit Steve’s Dad and Mum got rid of the wallpaper to reveal yellow walls!!!


We used a steamer which was brilliant.  Never having used one before this house project I would never look back.  I know it has risks for old plaster as the steam can get through cracks and blow a plaster wall out, but that was a risk I was willing to take here since we had so many walls to remove paper from.


We then got the gas man in to remove the fireplace and back boiler that was behind it but as yet the annoying gas pipe remained hidden under the concrete hearthplate.




So for a very long time the room has stood like this.  We’ve eaten in it, and its lovely to sit around the table as a family for meals (except breakfast as Steve either isn’t up or is already out of the house) and it made a big difference once my Dad hung lining paper round and we painted it a neutral colour.  The new plastered ceiling and coving really looks lovely too.

IMG_1967  IMG_1966

And here’s the hearth removed with the sticky out gas pipe.  Just hidden away in concrete!  Honestly, who would leave it like that I wonder?




With our new and pretty cheap light fittings from B&Q (we just got the same for the two reception rooms) it is beginning to come together.  The next move is to float concrete in the gaps left in the hearth area to level it out with the remaining floorboards.  We got a piece of marbled ply wood from a skip next door (with their permission) and that will get cut down to size and inserted into my fire surround (a £10 Ebay bargain almost offset by the hassle of collection!!) but then all that will remain is ripping up the carpet and laying laminate wooden flooring.  When this will happen is beyond me now as money is tight and Christmas is coming.  The mission is to get some presents for family and folk this month after pay day and see what’s left for house stuff.  We’re not going to go overboard this year, as we simply can’t, especially with the bathroom booked in for complete re-doing next month.  We’ve said that folk can have a share in the bathroom and have a nice shower when they visit for Christmas!!


Oh, and this is the door as when we moved in there were no doors at all downstairs (for some reason!!) and we found three matching ones in Homebase for £10 each in the clearance section which would have been well over £100 for glazed and we have a window door going into the dining room and lounge, and a solid wood door going into the kitchen now.   Whether I’ll ever be able to source 4 solid wood doors for upstairs that match will remain to be seen but we did what we had to at the time and if upstairs and downstairs don’t match, I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world!

Also, you can see just about the new duck egg curtains on a new (and in the sale) shabby chic curtain pole.

the next photos of this room will hopefully be nearer completion with the fire surround even if the floors are still the floral carpet!!!


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