Busy Bees

Work went well this week.  The pressure of double workload has ended due to a colleague returning from her maternity leave and frankly, it’s like a weight has been lifted.   I felt organised and capable for the first time in months!!  It was great 🙂  Of course, I’ll be going on maternity leave myself so it is sort of leaving them in the lurch again as with the current situation we are not able to replace anyone.  But that’s not our fault, we’re just having to get on wtih things.

On Friday we had a visit from the heating engineer after about 3 months of waiting to remove the stupidly placed gas pipe in the dining room.  This has held up us completing the room, so it’s great we should still be on target for Christmas.  He had to hack through concrete, and replace a pipe from the meter which goes up the side of the chimney breast so the whole room had to be cleared of furniture and carpet so it was a little job but with a big lot of work required to get it done!!!

Joel and I left him to it and went to my parents for lunch and did a bit of food shopping for the weekend as Steve’s parents were visiting before going on a canal boat holiday for the week around our town!!  We will be popping out for an afternoon on the boat today after Church.  They did stop by yesterday for lunch on their way by but it was far more stressful than it should have been due to Steve.   He got it into his head that he’d lost a camera footage card from our Scotland trip with interviews he’d not yet backed up.  This was about 1hr before his parents arrived and I’d had a leisurely morning, sorting lunch, making a salad, baking a cake, tidying up, I washed all the cushion covers from the sofa, vaccumed, cleaned, dusted (maybe nesting is beginning!!) and then suddenly, our nice calm morning became horrendous.  When stressed, Steve is worse than a bear with a sore head.  The last time we could remember this card was when it was lying around the lounge and I commented  unless it was put away, it would get lost.   I know, and now I have every right to say those 4 little words and say smug, but at the time I bit my lip, let Steve rant and rave, tried to patient and helpful.  I lost my resolve when he decided to check his office at work, reversed out of the drive and scraped the car on the drive.  He abanded it on the pavement and came into tell me that I’d parked badly!!  I responded to shout back that he was being unreasonable, I had parked it fine, he just couldn’t reverse (quite true) and didn’t use his wing mirrors (again true) and he stomped off saying he’d be a while.  I wish he had been, he came back in 5 minutes!

His parents and brother arrived and the hunt continued but as they had to board their boat at 3, his Dad didn’t want to hang around today so I got them all sat down for lunch as Steve continued to stomp around.  He eventually gave up and sat with us to eat the tiniest morsel and then sat defeated on the sofa whilst Granny played with Joel before having to go.  Minutes before they departed he entered sounding and looking sheepish saying that the card was in his case all along and he’d just missed it before.  He apologised profusely and I think we were just all relieved that the afternoon wouldn’t be so stressful as well.  Honestly.   MEN!!!

Joel was tired at this point and we sat down to watch a Disney film just the three of us.  Steve spent the whole afternoon trying to make up for being an idiot, so offered cups of tea, foot rubs, and was generally nice which was nice.   My pelvis and hips have begun aching quite a bit now.  I think because I’d been so busy and not sitting enough that hasn’t helped.    So we decided to worsen things and take Joel to the town park to play and he wanted his bike so off we went in the car and then walked.  We walked quite a way and it wasn’t long before the sciatica hit.  I get a very sharp sudden twingy pain which makes me catch my breath and takes me off guard, and it’s in my right buttock!!!  Pretty much I wasn’t able to keep up with Steve and Joel so had to hobble back to the car like a rotund crazy lady clutching her buttock.

Steve treated us to a chinese take away which was very welcome, probably not the most sensible since we have very little money left this month but we should cope till payday on Wednesday!!

And today the hour has gone back, so we’re up a bit early on new time, and a bit later on old time so hopefully, Joel will adjust soon if we keep him up later this evening without too much issue.

And that is our weekend so far.  And I still have an achey pelvis,  I may have to sit down to play the keyboard at church this morning.  The thought of standing is a bit beyond anything today  😦


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