25 Weeks

How far along:  25 Weeks :)

Total Weight Gained:  I have a vague idea and it’s not good.  I am really heavy at the moment.  Like waaaay heavy 😦

Maternity Clothes:  I wish I had a maternity waterproof coat!!  My coat is wool and warm, but it’s raining such a lot at the moment and my waterproof is so tight over my bump!!

Stretch Marks:  I think i have one, not really stretched as yet, but sat there ready to go over the next few weeks.

Sleep:  Baby is so very active at night it’s tiring!  But with Steve having early network meetings he has slept in the spare bed the past couple of nights so as not to disturb me which has helped!!

Best Moment of the Week:   We had a lovely time taking Joel to see the Blackpool Illuminations.  And on Monday I got his photograph taken and we have some beautiful pictures so that was exciting!

Movement:  Loads.  It’s made me wonder whether there can be too much movement?!  I asked the midwife today about it and she said not, as long as its ‘normal’.  It’s hard to judge what’s normal as I do different things most days.  Yesterday I sat at a desk at work for the day and baby wiggled and jiggled all day long whereas having been stood in a forest and walking about a lot you don’t notice it so much.

Food Cravings:  I could eat a lot of pancakes at the moment but am resisting trying to be good due to afore mentioned weight gain 😦

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Is rather out and flat now.  I seem to have suddenly protruded a lot.

What I miss:  So we have said au revoir to the wedding ring, turning over in bed easily and seemingly going to the loo in comfort as when sitting down it feels squirmy as though I’m squishing the baby!  😦

What I’m looking forward to:  Starting work on the nursery.  Since we’ve moved house, I have a whole other room to sort out and we’re going to remove some fitted wardrobes, get it all painted in a neutral colour, a lady at church is amending the curtains from our old house to fit the larger windows and then we can start putting the furniture together.  Oh, and a scary thought, Christmas is 9 weeks away, which means I have less than that to work!!  Just about 8 weeks to go then I can leave for a year!  Hurray!!

Milestones:  I had my 25 week check up today.  All was perfect with blood pressure, urine and heart rate all looking good.  Although I did forget to ask about my Mat1b form.  I thought it was today I got it, maybe it’s 28 weeks?!

Bump Pic:  I’ll have to add one this week!!


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