Potty Progress

Well, it’s been slow so far.

A year ago we bought a potty!  It sat in the bathroom, Joel knew it was his and would sit on it wearing his trousers from time to time.

We tried to encourage a bit of naked bottom sitting but he wasn’t having any of it!!

Two weeks ago we tried some proper potty training and had nappy off time, went out and bought some pants, and we had a few accidents, some standing up over the potty wees, but only at our house.  At Mum’s Joel just got very upset and then began getting upset at home too.  So we left it for a while.

Tonight we had nappy off time again, and lots of naked sitting on the potty to no avail.  Then suddenly, after running around and playing for a while, of his own accord walked to his potty, sat on it and weed in it!!  Hurrah!!  He got a sign and went with it and success!!  He got a chocolate for it!


He was so very pleased with himself, and we were so proud of him too.  It will be carrying on again tomorrow at Grandmas 🙂  And we’re hopeful that this will progress now 🙂


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