More Convo’s from a 2 Year Old

Joel is entertaining us such a lot at the moment.

This evening he has not gone to bed yet, but is sat playing on Daddy’s phone.  Apparently, he ‘needed’ it.  This is his new word.  We’ve progressed from ‘like’ to ‘need’ and it’s funny.  He is suddenly needing juice please, needing milk please, needing a phone please!!  It makes everything sound so much more urgent.  We have to tell him that a two year old does not ‘need’ a phone.

Whilst in Scotland we had a funny conversation.  It began with me having a mild heart attack as he came up to me eating something in the woods.  I asked what he was eating and he replied ‘Joel berries’.  All manner of terrible things ran through my mind all of which ended up with him needing his stomach pumped, but he showed me the bramble bush he’d found a blackberry on.  The previous weekend with Steve’s parents, his mum had shown Joel how to pick them, so of course he’d remembered and I was so glad that he’d not picked something poisonous.  Anyway, the conversation continued with Joel saying ‘they are juicy Mum’ (I don’t know where he learnt that berries are juicy!)’ and then ‘I need more berries please Mum’!!!  It ended with me trying to get him to understand not to put anything in his mouth without checking with me first.

He also has begun calling me Mum rather than Mummy.  I’m not sure why.  And half the time I’m not sure where he’s learning words from, but he is like a little sponge.  He said that my Chilli Con Carne the other day was ‘spicy’.

This evening he was sat next to Steve saying ‘Am I happy Daddy?’  and Steve said ‘I think so, are you happy?’  And he said ‘yes, Joel is happy’!!  Then he checked that Daddy was happy and asked whether Mummy was happy.    He doesn’t say ‘I’ yet, still calls himself ‘Me’ or ‘Joel’ but it makes his sentences very cute.

I still try to remember cute sentences he says but I guess it’s better to live in the moment rather than see it through a lens so to speak.   It’s always a surprise at the moment what he’s coming out with.


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