We’re not so much going on a jolly  holiday, as Steve is working up in Scotland again for 5 days, so Joel and I are going along too but I’m not expecting it to be a relaxing break!!  Which is a shame, as I do feel rather in need of it!!  But it’s a change of scene, we’re booked into a nice hotel where we’ll get a decent breakfast each morning and it’ll be the three of us away, possibly for the last time!!  

I’ve been putting the suitcases together, and there is so much to take.  It’s five days and four nights, but we still have to have lots of clothes, toys for Joel, sleep things for Joel, pillows (and my giant maternity pillow!!), wellington boots, and thats not to mention all Steve’s equipment for filming.

I guess my wardrobe is pretty limited at the moment.  I have 3 pairs of trousers, two warm jumpers, a few t-shirts, and one cardigan!!  I’m glad my legs are still fitting into my wellies.

It’s a long drive from here to Scotland, and I’m hoping I can cope with the long stints in the car.  My back does begin to ache terribly after a few hours.

Once up there, Steve has booked us onto red squirrel walks, other Forestry Commission activities, one morning he will drop us off in Stirling city to have a mooch whilst he films interviews, so every day has a plan, and evenings will just be getting some dinner, settling Joel down to bed and then watching a film on the lap top, or playing cards in our room!!

I guess it’s better than being in the office, and here’s hoping for some sunny albeit cold weather!!!


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