Morning Routine…

I’ve never been someone big on make-up and products and a a crazy long getting ready routine of a morning.

I used to take longer I guess, but that was before having a baby.

I have a simple routine.  My skin gets dry easily so I don’t tend to change things about too much as it can bring out spots and I’ve been using the Olay 7 cream of a morning.  I use a few dabs of Clinique foundation which I have to put on whilst my skin is still damp from the Olay else it doesn’t blend in, and then a swipe of Rimmel powder and that’s my staple.  It takes about 3 minutes tops!!

I need a bit eyeliner to make me look awake.  A light eyeshadow and dash of mascara and that’s all I have time for.  I used to have tons of eye shadows and all manner of time to get it on.  That went out of the window with a baby, so I’ve had to adapt to faster morning routine, normally whilst chatting and trying to amuse Joel.

Last weekend, I went through my cupboard of products.  I think everyone gets a lot of stuff at Christmas and I decided to have a go at using up what I’ve had.  I don’t tend to stray from what I know or bother with body lotions or potions although I ought to as I do get dry skin on my arms and legs.  This is something that A Thrifty Mrs has been doing on her blog and right now, I need to make more ‘me’ time and try to pamper myself.



I have got some lovely Soap and Glory body butters and sprays.  I really should make more effort to apply these on a daily basis.  I have scrubs and exfoliants which I haven’t really ever used but once we get our new bathroom and I can actually shower standing up they would be more on hand!!  The Burts Bees products I really love, in fact I do keep a lotion by my bed to rub on every night.  The only problem is, once I get up to bed, I fall in and go to sleep and the lotion just sits there.

I had some Elizabeth Arden samples for Christmas last year, and not really knowing what they were for, smothered my face with 8 hour cream last weekend and went around looking like a shiny person having not realised it was more for chapped skin and dotting treatments!!  I won’t make that mistake again.   Thanks google for informing me how to use it!!

I will excuse myself from the white coconut products.  I really dislike the sweet smell of it and it’s meant to be ice-cream or something but I can’t bear smelling that way!!

So, my mission is to get through what’s been given to me and use up all the little odds and ends that seem to linger in our bathroom cupboards.  Shampoo and conditioner are the one things I don’t have a loyalty to, as I just get what’s cheapest on offer.  But I will get everything out and lined up and get through it all 🙂


One thought on “Morning Routine…

  1. I hear you – I have just a few things I use everyday religiously and then a cupboard full of gifts that seems it would never end! I had a garage sale a couple years back and was shocked at how many people bought barely used bottles of soaps and lotions and such and how much they paid me for them. The “collection” grows faster than I could ever use it. I’m so bad about getting all gussied up on a daily basis, but always in awe of women who seem so put together always. It’s a skill I’m lacking!


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