Getting Sorted….



I have been starting to think about February, because lets face it, it’s not far after Christmas, and Christmas isn’t far away either!!  I want to be sorted for baby before Christmas, so have been washing little growsuits and vests!!

When we had Joel, I had a lot of hand me downs from my sister and didn’t need to buy much by way of clothes, which was a help as when you’re setting up for a baby, there are so many other things to buy.  So this time, it’s been nice to go out and choose some new suits for this baby.  I’ve not gone overboard.  I have bought a yellow unisex set of grows and vests from mothercare and a going home outfit, and three grows with matching hats and bibs from Next.  I have even washed them all so I can start to pack the hospital bags!!

This is the list from a website for what a newborn needs:

  • As newborn babies will need their nappies changing 10 to 12 times a day, buy enough to keep you going for at least the first few days or so. If you are planning to use reusable nappies, it’s a good idea to have at least one packet of disposables handy too, so it’s not the end of the world if you get behind on the washing.
  • Three or four all-in-ones will be very handy. Small babies tend to live in these during their first few months and really don’t need to wear anything else, apart from a vest underneath in winter and a cardigan over the top if it is very cold.
  • At least three or four vests, also known as body suits, are essential, with envelope necks and poppers underneath. These can be worn under all-in-ones or on their own if it’s really hot.
  • baby bath or a newborn bath support if you don’t want to just use a washing-up bowl.
  • Bottles, teats, bottle brushes and some sterilising method, if you are bottle feeding.
  • Cot sheets and cellular blankets, or a bottom sheet and a baby sleeping bag.
  • prampushchair or buggy that lies flat, so is suitable for newborn babies.
  • Moses basket or cot.
  • A rear-facing car seat, if your baby will be travelling by car.
  • One or two cardigans to provide an extra layer of clothing.
  • Nursing bras and breast pads, if you are breastfeeding.
  • A couple of small towels and some mild baby bath.
  • Baby wipes or cotton wool, for nappy changing.
  • Muslin squares, as a soft surface to rest your baby’s head on, as well as mopping up the inevitable baby sick.
  • mattress which fits the Moses basket or cot.
  • One or two blankets to wrap your baby in.

I think I’m pretty much sorted 🙂  My mum is knitting some little cardigans for this baby and I still have everything from Joel.  It’ll be nice to get the moses basket again and get the nursery together.  I may get some new muslins and a new blanket for this fellow.  It’ll be nice for him to have some things that are just his, although I can’t wait to resuse some of my favourite outfits from Joel as well 🙂


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