Joel’s Quote of the Day

I collected Joel from nursery a bit early, whilst he was having dinner, and sat with them whilst he finished his tuna pittas, tomatoes, banana chips and milk!!

He had a sticker so I asked what it was for, and was very pleased to be told it was because he had used perfect manners all afternoon!!

This evening Steve had come in a bit late so Joel and I had eaten dinner and were sitting in the lounge whilst Daddy  began to fiddle with some phone adaptation he was working on.

Joel said quite loudly, and just of his own accord, ‘I don’t think I like Daddy, but I do like Mummy’!!  I had to laugh, it was so unexpected.  Unfortunately, Daddy also heard, and kept on trying to get Joel to say he did like Daddy all evening, but Joel wasn’t playing.  He did give in for a bedtime cuddle though.  I guess he is a bit of a Mummy’s boy after all for the time being at least!!


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