23 Weeks

How far along:  23 Weeks :)

Total Weight Gained:  I considered standing on Mum’s scales this afternoon, but I haven’t managed it yet!!  Hoping my walking will help keep some extra pounds off.

Maternity Clothes: Indeed.

Stretch Marks:  I don’t think so.  Possibly just one little mark on my tummy but could be an old one.  Not stretched as yet.

Sleep:  I’m finding ear plugs useful at the moment.  I seem to be sleeping very lightly and Steve’s heavy breathing and snoring is not very restful.

Best Moment of the Week:  Booking a few days away in Scotland.  It’s for Steve’s work, but Joel and I are going too, and bump!!  Steve and I went to Bruges when expecting Joel.  I’m hoping for a bit of a rest but it may not be quite like that!!  But at least it’ll be different.

Movement:  Lots and lots.  I sat and watched my tummy jiggling about of its own accord last night!!  Some very firm kicks to my left side.

Food Cravings: We went to a carvery on Sunday and I had equal parts of roast pork and crackling!!  Very naughty and bad really, but I really loved the crackling and could have just eaten a plate of it.  I don’t know whether that’s a craving or just me wanting the grossness that is crackling but yummy!!  Oh and I am loving Braeburn apples at the moment.

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Same as last week.

What I miss:  I’ve not really missed much this week.  Maybe that’s because I had half a glass of white wine last night!

What I’m looking forward to:  Having a few days away.  My next midwife appointment.  Finishing work!!  Oh, and Christmas!!

Milestones:  23 weeks is a milestone.  By the end of this week baby is officially viable 🙂  Obviously you don’t want the baby to actually come that early, but its a tiny bit more reassuring to know that Dr’s will try to save him if he does.


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