Flu Jab

My doctors wrote to me suggesting I get a flu jab this year, due to being pregnant and a bit asthmatic.  So today I went along to a drop in.  It was kind of funny really, as the doctors surgery was teeming with silver haired elderly folk tottering about with walking sticks and zimmer frames.  I felt quite out of place as I joined the queue.  And I know it was terrible of me, but it just made me think of The Simpsons and Grandpa’s nursing home!! It quite gave me the giggles.

Joel also has a flu nasal thing on Monday so we have to go to another drop in for that.  He is of an age where it can be useful so I figured why not.  I’m just grateful that we live in a country where we are given vaccinations for free which can help our health.

Joel has been so funny recently.  He is continually surprising me with words and sentences he comes out with.

We have a set of flash cards which are aimed at pre-schoolers but we go through the alphabet and I say ‘a is for…..’ and he sees the picture of the apple and says ‘apple’.  He recognises most of the pictures and knows that they’re called.  The one he didn’t know was ‘kite’ but on doing it again, he’d remembered the word which impressed me.  Then he wanted to hold the cards so said ‘Mummy, what’s that?’ and held a card up.  I said ‘it’s a house’ and he said ‘yes Mummy, it’s a house, very good’!!!  And congratulated me!  I got the giggles again!

Steve collected him from nursery and was told that everyone thought he was getting so good at speaking!  He certainly impressed Steve by saying ‘Daddy, please could you do my zip’!!  I didn’t know he knew the word zip.  He truly is a little sponge, just soaking it all in at the moment.  And he’s saying a lot of pleases and thankyou’s as well which pleases me.

We are beginning to have some truly funny, lovely and charming conversations which I wish I could recall but they go too quickly.  He really is amazing me at the moment.

On the potty training front, last weekend we went out to choose some big boy pants.  He chose George pig (which I belatedly realised cost nearly £5 more than regular blue boys pants 😦 but if it helps I guess it may be worth it?!)  Anyway, we spent Sunday and Monday trying pants on, sitting on the potty, weeing in and around the potty but pooing next to it.  I have a mental image that will never go of Steve sitting on the toilet next to Joel on the potty holding hands and supporting each other!!  I would have taken a photo but that would be inappropriate, but it was so funny.   It seems that Joel will only sit on the potty with Mummy or Daddy nearby to hold his hand as he tries to put something in there.

On Tuesday he went to Grandma’s but go too upset to try it, and being at nursery today and tomorrow we’re not pushing things.  If he’s only comfortable at home for now, then thats fine.  We will just keep trying it from home until we can say goodbye to nappies.  It’s all a complete minefield of different advice and means to potty training, and we’re just doing what we think best for now.  I’m not 100% sure that he’s ready, but he does come and tell us when he wants to wee and poo now, so we might as well take that as a sign that things are progressing.  I just hope that he’s out of nappies by the time this second baby comes along.




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