Two Lime Sodas and a Ginger Ale

I went out on Friday!

It was a work do, and as a designated driver had a car load of colleagues to take out from my office.  We went to a curry house in a nearby town and it was lovely.  Steve did his ‘I’m babysitting’ lark, and had to be told looking after your own child does not constitute babysitting!!

I had a lovely meal, which was in good company, with some very cheap drinks!!  Non alcoholic of course.  And I didn’t get home till after midnight!  I’ve not seen that time on the clock for months and months!!  Plus, on walking back to the car, I found a £10 note which covered my meal costs!

On getting home I fell into bed, Steve sorted the tidying of the kitchen and also said I could lie in the next morning.  Not one to complain I discovered that Steve had kept Joel up extra late in the hope that he’d sleep in for him the next morning!!  Not to be though.   Joel was up extra early at 6am, due to a stuffy nose which meant that when he sucked his thumb to settle again he couldn’t breath and therefore couldn’t settle.  So up and TV it was for him.  And Steve actually did get up with him so I slept in till 8.45 🙂

Saturday was a busy day.  My brother in law was a star, and came around to sort our fencing out so that our garden phase two has happened.  It was also my Mum’s birthday weekend so we had lots of folks around and Joel had a lovely time with his cousins.


Surveying the progress….





Cousins have a rest and watching ‘The Incredibles’.



Grandma’s Birthday picture.



Daddy and Joel had a tough job of moving a lot of a hardcore rubble through from the front to the back!  Joel got his wheelbarrow out with his little spade and like the supermarket quote says ‘every little helps’!!!  Joel loved being helpful and doing what Daddy was doing.



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