21 Weeks!!

How far along:  21 Weeks 🙂

Total Weight Gained:  Still piling it on methinks.  Without scales I cannot confirm!!

Maternity Clothes:   Yes.  My favourites have to be my maternity pyjamas.  I love wearing them!  And I did buy some new buttons to update my maternity coat so am happy with that.  I do feel that my wardrobe is very limited at the moment though.  And it is.   Despite buying a couple of new tops and a cardigan, I feel like I’m wearing the same things all the time.  I’m going out on Friday and have no clue what to wear either 😦  I’ve not quite got anything goey-outy at the moment.

Stretch Marks: I don’t think there’s any new ones yet.  I’m feeling very tight around the middle.

Sleep:  Argh.  It’s been bad again!  I’ve been waking and finding my brain won’t switch off so I end up thinking for a good couple of hours a night.  Steve is away this week so maybe that’s affecting things.  Joel woke me up Sunday night, but last night, he slept through and I woke myself up!

Best Moment of the Week:  Having the lovely scan on Friday.  We really enjoyed seeing our baby boy kicking and jumping and hopping about in there, especially as I only feel movements if I’m in a sitting down position.

It was lovely putting on Facebook that Joel is getting a little brother and having so many kind responses.  It makes it feel more real somehow.  I had texted my mum and sisters, and Steve had called his parents but left it there!!  I don’t think he’s even rung his grandparents yet.  I think my MIL was worried that folk would see it on facebook before being told in person, but I think if that bothers them, it’s more their issue than ours.  To me, facebook is a means to tell people anyway.  Friends were asking and I wanted people to know.  Names will be kept secret until he’s born but gender is fine to be out there.  Plus, if Steve doesn’t think people are bothered, it’s his families side and his responsibility.  My parents told my Great Aunty and she phoned us to say how pleased she was.  She has leukemia at 93, which is such a shame, and 8 months ago was given 6 months to live.  I’m pleased she knows what we’re having, and do wonder whether she’ll make it to meet him.  I hope so.

Movement:  Yes, lots of little flicky kicks inside.   The midwife noted that I have an anterior placenta so that’s probably why it’s all rather light still.

Food Cravings:   Nothing bizarre.  Which is a good thing.  I ate a tin of grapefruit yesterday.  I do like the citrus.

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!  Joel will be happy to have a little brother I think!

Belly Button:   Still sort of out but flat.

What I miss:   Sleep.  Good, deep sleep.  I guess I won’t see that again for a few years!

What I’m looking forward to:   I guess Christmas now!  And going on maternity leave!!  I’ve got a flu jab next week which is not something to look forward to, but I guess necessary.  Actually, I am feeling a lot healthier this pregnancy.  With Joel I think i’d already had quite a lot of sickness by this point and needed a lot of anti-biotics.

Milestones: Three weeks to go until V-Day (viable day) and 4 weeks till my next midwife appointment.   And at some point I need to redecorate the back bedroom which will be the nursery, and get sorted with everything I need for baby!


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