Bogies at Four 0’Clock

With Steve being away for four nights, it’s just me, Joel and Izzy at home this week.  To be honest, I tend to be the one who sorts Joels bedtime and morning routine anyway, so it’s not too different, but still, knowing Steve is around if I need him is preferable!

Last night, Joel woke at 4am and cried for ‘Mummy, Mummy’ so I went in see him.  he didn’t want to settle on his own, so i put in bed wih me on Steve’s side and tried to get back to sleep.  I was woken 30 minutes later with Joel offering me his index finger saying ‘bogey, bogey, bogey’.   He’s begun sticking his finger up his nose but doesn’t like to have a bogey on it.  I’ve tried explaining that if he didn’t put his finger up his nose it wouldn’t happen, but he won’t stop and if I make an issue of it, he thinks its funny and does it more.

Needless to say, telling me about it at that time after having disturbed my sleep isn’t the greatest thing ever!!


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