Last Night

Was not good again.

I went to bed at 9pm and am so glad I did.

Steve left the stairgate open, so at midnight, Izzy crept into the room.  I wouldn’t mind her sleeping upstairs except that she is noisy!!  She started licking herself, then scratching so she had to be removed back to her bed downstairs.

Then at 2am Joel woke up and cried for ‘Mummy’.  (It’s always Mummy in the wee small hours) and when Daddy went into see him, he got hysterical!!  So Joel was brought to Mummy for cuddles and settled in next to me.   But he had to be touching me, so either lying in my arms, or on me.  It was not comfortable.

Then at 5.30am Steve got up to go to another morning meeting (every single day this week 😦 ) and was being a bit noisy and splashy in the bathroom having not even closed the door.

So I’m up early, having eaten a bowl of porridge and made a cup of tea.  Removed a giant spider from the lounge wall and will go and get up and ready soon.   This one was quite passive, the last one jumped around manically and rattled in the glass so Steve had to take it out as it freaked me out too much!!


I was at work till 7pm last night.  It’s getting ridiculous and I’m so tired.  Can’t wait for a holiday.  Thank goodness I don’t have work for 4 days after today.  This has been the longest three days for a while.   I have three weeks to take off before Christmas although I can’t see myself going anywhere other than Scotland at some point when Steve is due to work there.   I will try to get some upstairs decorating done before Christmas though whilst I’m still able to climb a ladder!!


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