Meeting The Consultant

I’ve just realised I missed posting about our consultant appointment.  It was on Wednesday at 3.20pm although I didn’t actually get into see the consultant until 4.45!!   It was getting very close to collecting Joel from nursery time, and with it being his first day in the big room, we felt awful leaving him as long as we did!!  We got to pick him up at 5.40 in the end, and he was fine.

Anyway, the appointment.  Due to Joel being delivered by emergency c-section I had to ‘chat’ about what I wanted to the consultant Dr.   It was meant to be a lady, but she was backlogged with more urgent appointments so we saw a different doctor which I didn’t mind in the least as the lady consultant is a bit scary to be honest!!

He asked me what my thoughts were, and I said I was worried about natural labour as my body hadn’t ‘worked’ properly the first time.  I commented that as much as I would like a natural birth, I did not want to be induced, and I wanted to avoid an emergency c-section as much as possible, and if that meant an elective c-section then so be it.

Anyway, I knew that wasn’t really what they wanted to hear, so I proceeded to have the lecture on how a natural labour is 80% viable for me, with a 20% chance of needing a c-section.

I don’t know.  It’s all terrifying at the moment, and still over 20 weeks away.  I shall put it out of my mind for now.  I will see this Dr again at 36 weeks so I don’t see the need to consider options until nearer the time anyway.

My suggestion of baby magically materialising on the outside didn’t go down too well, as funny as I thought I was!!  He has to come out either like a melon through a lemon hole, or through a cut in the sunroof.  And both ways pose risks.  Pah.  

Maybe if I just think positive thoughts about a natural labour it will help me believe it can happen for me.   We’ll see.

A nice surprise was the Dr listened to baby’s heartbeat, so all was well there, although it took a while to find as he didn’t press hard enough through my flab!!!  Ha!!


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