Maternity Clothes

I am attempting  this on the iPad so please excuse the errors.  I am not good without a proper keypad.

Anyway, we are visiting Steve’s parents this weekend.   Joel has been pretty good.  We will be heading home after lunch to be there by dinner time.

Exeter is a lovely city.  Not too big but with a nice range of shops which are always worth a visit.  Maternity clothes at home are a bit of a rare commodity and must be ordered online which makes good sizing tricky so I wanted to pop into H&M to see what they had to offer.  I was in luck!  I got a striped t-shirt, a teal knitted top, a grey cardigan and a blue striped jumper as the colder weather is starting to creep in!  “seasons of mists and  mellow fruitfulness” and all that!  I love autumn with the colours and the misty starts, and the chill in the air 🙂

hmprod (1) hmprod


Two of my new purchases…..  Although I am not as slim and trim as the invisible models above!!!

you know it’s the autumn when Last Night of the Proms is on!   I always love watching this British tradition of music lovers bopping to the same pieces of music year in year out.  it’s one of our peculiarities which defines our Britishness! not to mention the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing.   I may detest the X-factor, hate celebrity in the Jungle, have no time for reality tv in general, but there’s something about the sequins and dresses that makes me tune into SCD every year!

Last Night Of The Proms 2012

I actually have sung in the Albert Hall one two occasions! Once with my junior choir, and once with my youth choir.   Both were amazing experiences, with lots of jolly pomp and circumstance songs and British flags waving abundantly.

Right, it’s time to get ready for church, then I’ll be packing our bags and probably doing the 3 hour drive home too today.  Steve has to head to Oxford early tomorrow morning.  And it’s back to normality with toddler group, laundry and trying to get hold of the boiler man to move a gas pipe we’ve exposed in our dining room!

What joys!


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