That Child…..

After his exhausting day on Friday, I got the feeling on Saturday we were going to struggle.

He was tired and grumpy and therefore a bit naughty all morning.

In the afternoon we had a 2nd birthday party, and yep, throughout he was ‘that child’.

You know, the one who won’t share toys, won’t eat the food and smacks it over the floor when offered, has a strop during pass the parcel as he can see everyone getting chocolate Freddo’s from their turn and he hasn’t got one yet, has hysterics crying ‘my birthday, my birthday’ when I have to restrain him from trying to blow the candles out.

Poor chap.  It’s very hard being 2.  (to be honest, I did think it was a bit early for Pass the Parcel.   And he wasn’t the only one stropping at that point either which made me feel a little better!!)

And he was very tired.  He is just getting very good at being two, and I know I have to pick my battles, but he can make a day so very hard at times.  Today though he’s been brilliant.   He still seems tired and doesn’t really want to do anything.  He had an appointment with his consultant for asthma at hospital and was perfect throughout.   We treated ourselves to hot sausage rolls and milk for lunch and sat on a bench together munching outside, just because we could!!  It was fun.  We did finger painting and puzzles this afternoon and played in the garden (until the wasps got a bit too much for both of us, wretched creatures) and now we’re blobbing in front of CBeebies again.

So things are just a phase, and I have to keep reminding myself it’s only temporary!!


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