Up On The Roof

Well, we ended up setting off for Birmingham well over an hour later than we’d intended to!  Steve took the dog out for a walk and was probably making work calls as he does and lost track of time.  He wasn’t back till after 6pm!  We hadn’t got a wedding card, so had to stop to buy one from Asda, and by the time we got to Birmingham (about 7.30) we drove around for ages until I was happy with a space in the close vicinity of The Mailbox.  We wandered over to Brindley Place and found TinTins Cantonese Restaurant.   It looked nice enough, and I didn’t feel up to eating a big heavy Indian curry, so we asked for a table for two!

Even though I was driving home later, I wasn’t sure Steve was feeling all that well with two of his wasp stings having swollen up loads.   I didn’t realise how bad they were until later on as he had a long sleeved shirt on, but his left elbow and right knuckles are horribly red and puffy, and very, very hot.  I will have to show him to a pharmacist today, and get him to the doctors on Monday if they don’t go down as he’s obviously got a bad reaction to them.  Anyway, the point being, neither of us were drinking.  He had coke and I had ginger ale (so yummy!)

Food wise we had a shared platter of starters, with all my favourite nibbles.  Chicken satay, spicy fruity and tender pork ribs, a crispy and tasty spring roll with the most delectable King Prawn sesame toast and a good heap of fried seaweed and a delicious hot and sour dipping sauce.

For mains we decided not to go overboard like normal, so just had a roast duck dish, and a crispy beef with chilli sauce and one rice to share.  It doesn’t sound much and I did feel the vegetable side of things had been neglected, but we were both full by the end of it.

Time was getting on by this point, so we paid up, and made our way to The Cube.   With lots of concierges dotted around we were directed to the lift and pressed the button for the 25th floor.  (There’s always a bit of me which worries about fire regs when you see an entire floor full of people and the panic that would ensue should the worst happen).  We saw people being turned away from Marco Pierre Whites restaurant (I had checked online but they were fully booked until October and our £40 Chinese was probably the cheaper option!!) and made our way to the little bar area roped off for the wedding guests.   We got there just in time, as they were pouring Prosecco for a wedding toast and about to cut the cake!  A circling waitress took our drink orders, Steve on coke again and I ordered a Shirley Temple (essentially ginger ale and a dash of grenadine, very yummy indeed) and brought them back to us (we did have to pay for them!!) and we went out onto the very windy and chilly yet fabulous terrace to see the views over Birmingham central.  The skyline was something, with lots of lit up buildings and it did make me feel that we should go to Birmingham more often and make more effort to go out there.  Having been a bit of a recluse for the past 4 months it felt good to be doing something special with Steve and going on a bit of an adventure.

My Mum kept emailing pictures of Joel’s day which made us smile.  He had fallen asleep in the car in his pyjamas and been successfully transferred to his bed at their house, and judging by the amount of outdoor play and walking he’d done, he’ll sleep most of the morning as well as all night for them!!

So here I am, body clock waking me as normal at 7am despite a lateish night, my feet are throbbing from trying to pretend I can manage to walk in high heels and I’m in desperate of my cup of tea which is just cooling beside me.

Today will be back to normal.  Joel has a birthday party at 2pm, my Dad is coming round to finish papering the dining room, (photos to follow at some point) and I want to get Joel’s room all ready with his new Dinosaur bedding and curtains.   His nursery Sleepy Owl stuff will now be put in the new nursery room ready for new baby!!  (I think I’m feeling some serious nesting coming on now).   I still think the range is lovely and because its so gender neutral we don’t need to buy anything else.

So thats my day today.  Steve is hoping to go paintballing!  I’m not sure he’s well enough for that, but he won’t listen!  Have a good one yourself!!


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