Always a Drama

Today I am home alone!!  Tonight Steve and I are heading into Birmingham to attend a wedding reception in a posh hotel, and going out for a date night meal beforehand!  Mum and Dad had agreed to have Joel overnight so we could head back whenever, and it was easier for them if he were at their house.  He’s stayed over a number of times now, and he’ll be fine and have fun.  Then they decided to go to Wales today as well, and as Steve and I will be heading off before they get back, they asked if they could take Joel with them!  He’s been happy enough on the jaunts to Nottingham with them, so I’m sure he’ll have a lovely but tiring time with his big boy cousins.

So I have no work, and no Joel and the first free day I’ve had in ages!  It’s 9.30am and I’m still in my pyjamas with Izzy looking dolefully at me as she wants me to take her out.   Steve could have done it, but as he didn’t even get up till after 8am, then he had to do some chipping out of concrete he was meant to do yesterday he ran out of time.   And I dont’ mind, but it will have to be after my shower and getting dressed time.

Anyway, where’s the drama with all this you may ask.

Well…. last night I was on the phone to my Mum as you do, when there was a very loud commotion coming from outside where Steve and Joel were playing ball.   Apparently they’d decided to explore the woods at the bottom of the garden instead, and disturbed a wasp nest, hidden in the ground under some tree debris.

All I heard was yelling and Steve shouting me, Joel screaming and hanging up on my mum I saw Joel covered in snot from crying, screaming bee bee bum, and Steve trying to say he’d been stung lots, (he still had wasps attached to his jeans and arms) but he thought he’d saved Joel from them.

I was trying not to panic, and ascertain whether Joel was hurt whilst Steve went back to to remove the struggling wasps from his clothes.  I managed to calm Joel down and realised he was fine when he stopped crying to hand me a yellow leaf he’d found in the woods, and a stick.  A bag of chocolate buttons later and he was A-ok.

Steve on the other hand had received many stings.  Once the angry wasps in his clothes were gone, I found tweezers and anthisan cream and had to pick them out of his skin.   He said it didn’t hurt as much as he’d have thought it would hurt.  I think he was running high on adrenalin.   His left nipple had been stung and swelled up, all red, hot and hard to the point that he looked as though he had one man boob!!  I gave him an anti-histimine tablet which helped and by late evening his hives had all gone down and his moob was back to normal.

I hate to think what could have happened.  It will have exacerbated Joel’s fear of flying insects no end as Steve rightly panicked and ran with him whilst swatting at them.

I will get some wasp killer from B&Q later, and get my Dad or Steve to put it around the nest.  They were swarming angrily last night, but we can’t have a nest just outside our back garden.  In the news it says that wasps are later this year due to the extra cold winter we had as they’ve been in hibernation longer.  This weekend is meant to be the busiest wasp weekend of the year before it starts to get cold again and they go back into hibernation.   Well hopefully this nest will never wake up if all goes according to plan.

Poor Joel, and good old Steve being a good daddy.  I’m so glad it wasn’t me with Joel as I probably wouldn’t have managed to keep them off him.  It makes me shudder thinking about it.

Not our wasps, just a relevant pic from t'internet!

Not our wasps, just a relevant pic from t’internet!


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