17 Weeks

How far along: 17 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained:  Haven’t weighed myself this week.

Maternity Clothes:  Mostly.  I have some lovely French Connection tunics passed along from my sisters which aren’t maternity, but have a lovely flowing style which are great for work with leggings.  And these aren’t maternity leggings either yet!  Mind you, they’ll not be worth wearing afterwards with the stretching they’re getting now!  But maternity jeans and trousers and t-shirts, yep!!

Stretch Marks: Still no fresh ones yet.  And I’ve not been using any creams yet.  I’ll save that for when the itching of the stretching skin begins.

Sleep: This has been terrible this week.  After a busy weekend (post to follow on that!!) I’ve been falling asleep with Joel when putting him to bed, which means I wake up at bedtime and then can’t sleep for half the night.  I’m such a zombie today and had to come into work feeling like I could sleep for a week 😦

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing our garden transformed in such a short space of time!!  It will be a great place for Joel and new baby to play!!

Movement:  I’m not too sure still.  I think I felt something wriggle this morning actually.  I felt the first gentle flutters which is what I’ve been waiting for.  I did think it would be earlier than this, as it was around this time with Joel, but I think I need to take time to recline and concentrate on it to get a proper idea!

Food Cravings:  I’ve not really had a craving since the lager incident which was very strange.  I’m not eating crazy things though and trying to monitor what I’m eating.

Gender: 4 weeks to find out!  I’m very excited about it!

Belly Button: Not a lot of change.  It’s still an inny, but quite flat looking around it.  When I wear a t-shirt that’s stretchy I get an indent where the tummy button is!!

What I miss:  Drinks!!  Alcohol!!  Pate, rare steak, brie!  All the usual things 😦

What I’m looking forward to:  The next appointments.  They make things feel like time is going by.  I have the consultant to see on the 4th Sept, then another scan on the 20th Sept, then a midwife appointment on the 23rd October!

Milestones: Haven’t really hit any big milestones this week, except for possibly feeling a flutter.  I just wish I could be more sure!!


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