16 Weeks….

I didn’t get around to posting my weekly check up yesterday.   But since I had my 16 week checkup with the midwife this morning, I have news, so here we go….

How far along: 16 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained: Still about 8lbs I think.  I asked the midwife today to weigh me to ensure I wasn’t gaining too much, and she told me that she wouldn’t, as there was no right or wrong.  I have to say I was worried by my BMI after my booking in appointment.  I’d lost weight before my previous pregnancy, and hadn’t dieted whilst pregnant, and therefore hadn’t had chance to lose any again.   Plus, they weighed me when 12 weeks pregnant, so of course I’d put weight on already.  I got a bump by 8 weeks this time, so lots of retained water!  So although I don’t feel the number they gave me is fair or accurate, it stressed me enough to try and not go crazy this time.  Although it’s hard when Bigmacs are calling me every minute of the day.  Naughty Bigmacs.

Stretch Marks:  No new ones yet.  My bump has grown though, and seems very high and sticky outy this week.

Sleep:  Still waking once a night.  But getting back to sleep at the moment.

Best Moment of the Week:  I guess hearing the heart beat today.   I can’t help feeling anxious, but knowing all is ok will keep me going another couple of weeks.

Movement:  I’m still getting very light little touches.  Not firm enough be sure that it’s actual movement, but getting more undeniable it’s something.  I can’t wait for a firm knock to know for 100% before I get fed up with constant movement that keeps me awake at night!!!

Gender:  An Italian guy at church likes to take guesses based on a bump, and he has declared girl.  I’m still undecided again this week.  I’m going to say boy based on the fact I’m feeling sticky outy and not so wide!!

Belly Button: Still just about in, although it is starting to turn inside out!  I noticed a bit had come out and it freaked me out, and Steve wouldn’t touch it either!!  It seems early for that to happen, but things are saggier there than before I guess!

Milestones:  I am 4 weeks away from the 20 week scan, and am really excited now to find out what we’re having.  Plus, that’s half way through.  I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going by.  The first 12 weeks dragged like no tomorrow, but looking ahead, things don’t seem far away.   It is starting to sink in that I’ll be getting a new baby come February.

I will have to start taking the bump pictures soon.  I’ve not done any yet, but life is busier than last time.  Sorry baby, I will try to do better!!

Looking plump at 16 weeks..

Looking plump at 16 weeks..


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