Biking Fun….

So today as I went off to work for a day sat a desk with stresses and earning my pennies, my Joel was out having fun with his cousin in Nottingham.  He took his bee bee bum bike and they swapped over to play all day long.



And although it was grey and cold here, I’m presuming they had some pretty warm sunshine!!!

On getting home he was very tired.  Apparently, he’d been perfect all day, polite, remembering his p’s and q’s and ate all his lunch and was generally a very good boy.  So by the time he got home, he was a bit of a monster for me!  He was obviously horribly over tired, and when I tried to put him in his rocket ship pyjamas, he began to howl ‘boat, boat’ so boat pyjamas it was.   I’m learning to pick my battles.  He can sleep in the pyjamas of his choice, as long as he does something for me tomorrow!!  But at least he had a wonderful day with his little cousin!!!


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