Joel’s Bike

At Christmas we didn’t really go overboard with presents for Joel.  I wasn’t sure what to buy him at that point in time, and he had everything he really needed.  So we decided to buy him a couple of things during the year, as and when we felt he could use something new.

My niece has had a scuttlebug for a little while, and last month, when Joel went over to visit with Grandma and Grandad for the day, he loved it.  Martha didn’t get a look in!!  I’d noticed at nursery he loved triking about on three wheelers, and he didn’t have one, so going online there weren’t many second hand ones on Ebay, and they were going for about £10 with a £6-£10 postage.  So I bit the bullet and bought a new one for him.

It arrived really promptly, and straight away, Joel loved it.  He sits on it all day and zips about from room to room, to garden, to Grandmas and back again!!   As Martha has the red ladybird bike, I got Joel the yellow ‘Bee bee bum’ bike!!

Stafford-20130813-01846 Stafford-20130813-01847 Stafford-20130813-01848


Having read reviews, I was aware that it was only really suitable for 1-3 year olds.  But with Joel being slightly on the smaller side, I figured it could last him a bit longer, plus it would always be used again for the next one!!

And in the meantime, he is having tons of fun and is very happy with it!!

We’re planning on getting him a junior trampoline for Christmas.  He loves bouncing and our garden is getting cleared of bushes this weekend so we could fit it in for next year!!   My Mum is sorting it for us, and we’ll go halves.  I think he’ll love it!

Things on the house decorating front have gone rather slowly recently, due to being so nauseous from pregnancy, but I’m hoping to perk up enough soon to get wallpaper stripping in our bedroom.   We have new bed linen, and the walls are currently three shades of pink, but will become a neutral white with a hint of blue I think.   Steve wants all walls to be white, but I think that will look a bit too much like an asylum!!!

My Dad will be hanging some lining paper in the dining room this week possibly, but we have to work something out with the chimney breast as it needs a teeny weeny bit of plastering, and we’re a bit loathe to get someone in for such a small job.  Maybe I can attempt it myself??!!  I used to do a lot of handy stuff in my old house, when it was just me, and lets face it, Steve isn’t the handiest man anyway, so maybe I should give it a go.  I ought to do some before pictures to show what it’s like now.  The gas fire has been removed but some pipes are left in the way.  It’s a puzzler that’s for sure.

The main issue is that as we used all our savings for the deposit to buy this house with all the potential, we have no money to realise the potential yet!!   It’s a predicament my parents found themselves in, in 1980, and they came to sell the house and move somewhere cheaper because of the very high interest rates.  They just couldn’t do it.  It’s one of my Mum’s biggest regrets.  She loved that house.

And because the house I bought in 2003 hasn’t sold we have rented it out, but all my equity is tied up in it and that would have been used to get us started with updating this house.  I know a lot of folk who have taken out massive loans or extra mortgage to do their house up so it’s all perfect when they move in but we weren’t willing to do that.  We got a bargain with the house as it is, and it is live-able, even if not to our own tastes.   And although I can see what it will look like in the future, it will be the future before it’s realised.  So it’s still one room at a time.  And last month was the lounge, this month should be the dining room and November will be the bathroom refit which is so overdue, I can’t wait!!   We’re so lucky to have handy and helpful parents who’ve done such a lot for us already.   And it is nice to share this project with Steve.  It’s like we’re building something great together.   It makes all the years of work, and stress over house selling and buying totally worth it.  We feel that the waiting has meant that the right place came along, and our prayers were answered.

Things may get tougher when I’m on maternity leave again and on reduced salary, but luckily, Joel will get his free 15 hours at nursery from Easter next year which will help a lot.  It will mean that I have to go back to work afterwards, my three days a week covers the monthly mortgage payment and with Steve being self employed we’re always aware that some months are better than others.   And it doesn’t cost a lot for a pot of paint which is all we need really to change a room about.  It’s the labour needed to remove the layers of previous paper!   It would be nice to say goodbye to work and try something new, but with a mortgage, some things are more important and that is having a roof over our heads, and somewhere we can call home to give Joel and this new baby a secure start in life.   And every day, it’s starting to feel more like home…



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