Gin and Tonic

My oh my, am I craving a delicious, cold crisp gin and tonic with ice and a slice of lime right about now.

Or a spiced rum, coke and lime with ice.

Or a large glass of chilled pinot grigio.

It’s very ironic that when I am not pregnant, I hardly ever want to drink alcohol, but now I am, and it’s summer and I’m not meant to, (according to current media) I am longing for a long, cool, alcoholic beverage.

A Dr friend at church has said that a glass of wine a week wouldn’t hurt at all.  And it’s very tempting.  I have had a couple of sips on two occasions since getting past 12 weeks.   I certainly wouldn’t have spirits or anything above 4%.  But you can’t escape the fact people frown at you.   My sister had a glass of fizzy white wine every Friday to celebrate the end of a week.  You get women drinking pints in pubs with 8 month pregnant tummies, and smoking 10 a day too.  So why should I feel guilty over half a glass of white wine?

Well, I do.  Giving into temptation doesn’t make me feel any better, even though I’m having what I feel I want at the time.  And the craving doesn’t go away!!  And Schloer and Appletise does not cut it whatsoever.

Maybe I’ll have to investigate the alcohol free wine.  Where they make wine, but somehow suck the alcohol content out of it.  We gave some to our guides once when we had a meal, but realised it still had 0.5% alcohol in a bit too late!  It was nice though, and wine enough.

But still nothing as good as a gin and tonic 😦


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