Cute Things From Joel…..

Joel has been so cute recently.  We were in Asda and he was sat in the trolley and we found ourselves just looking down the new baby aisle!!  I’m not planning on buying anything at the moment.  If this one is a boy we’re pretty sorted with Joel’s things, and if it’s a girl then I’ll go crazy and buy lots of girly things after the 20 week scan!!

Anyway, I asked him whether he wanted to choose something for the new baby, and he pointed to the little comforters and said ‘the noonie’!!  He thinks all babies should have a noonie of their own!  I had tears in my eyes as it was the sweetest moment!

He has such a lot of cute stuff going on.  I can’t remember it all to write down here which is a shame, but he makes me smile every day.  He gives lovely cuddles and kisses and he seems very attached to his ‘Mummy’ at the moment.  I just hope he stays attached to me when new baby comes along.  He’ll always be my first special boy and I don’t think anything could take that away.


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