15 Weeks

How far along: 15 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained: Je ne sais pas.

Stretch Marks:  I thought I had one, but I think it may have been a bite!  Although the bump is more pronounced this week and my old ones are certainly looking silvery stripey.

Sleep:  The nightly wee has moved from 2am to 1am, but I seem to be waking at 5.30 as well at the moment.  Then not able to get back to sleep and having Joel wander in at 6am asking to ‘wrestle with Daddy’.  At least he knows better than to ask Mummy to wrestle. 

Best Moment of the Week:  Everyone knows now.  We told our church on Sunday morning, and I gave a short testimony which made me cry.  I’ve never been very good at speaking about personal things, but felt I ought to.  Then on Monday I did the Facebook announcement, (well, it’s not official till on FB is it!!!) and I know this sounds very sad, but to have over 70 likes and 30 comments has made me feel quite special.  Not that I measure my worth by FB attention at all.   Steve is not putting it on FB as he adds randoms and crazies and doesn’t want personal information going out, whereas I’m a bit more friend specific, and although I can’t say I’d invite all my FB round for dinner, I know them all from one time of life and don’t mind them knowing 🙂 

Movement:  I’m starting to wonder if I’m feeling things.  It’s just to light to tell for sure.  Could be wind, could be a muscle spasm, so I’m not going to say yes for sure until I am sure.  Last time it was 17 weeks with a gentle butterfly flutter, and I’m hoping it will be next week but we shall see.

Gender:  Today i felt that my bump was more spread around my middle than sticking out like last time, so today I’m saying girl!!

Belly Button: Still in!

Milestones:  The world knows, the announcements have been made and I’m in maternity clothes for work with my big tummy hanging out for all to see.  And I have two appointments coming up, one with the consultant and my 20 week scan next month. 


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