Keeping Busy

It’s been a productive weekend in all senses of the word.

We had quality family time on Saturday morning, and headed to Cannock Chase to walk Izzy and encourage Joel that he can walk a good distance without needing carrying now!  He did so well, until we got to a big hill and immediately put his arms up to Daddy and said ‘Carry’ which Daddy did, and then at the top he ran around and walked all the way down and around a pond and along a track so we were pleased with him!  It’s like the second he knows it’s a ‘walk’ rather than running or playing time he’s had enough!!

The afternoon involved us sorting the house and doing some tidying.  Steve put his DIY hat on (it doesn’t come out very often and only for particular jobs) and he fitted the new lights to the dining room ceiling, a new toilet seat on our disgusting old pink one (which will be knocked out next month all being well) and we did some more assembling of our shed (it’s a metal one which was quite a big job and Steve hasn’t had a full day to tackle the whole thing yet!!).

It did all look really good.  I even bought a couple of bunches of flowers to go in both downstairs rooms (Steve thought it was extravagent, I thought lovely!!)

Then last night I woke up at about 4am and could not get back to sleep.  By 5am Steve turned over and happened to look at me!  And then he said ‘are you awake’ and I said ‘yes, I can’t sleep’ and he said, ‘then why don’t you go and have a bowl of cereal, you might sleep afterwards’ so I did.  I got up, and ate porridge and watched 2 episodes of Hart of Dixie before Joel woke up at 6.45 so then I was up.  By 8.30 I was sleepy so Steve came downstairs with Joel and I went back to sleep until Steve woke me up to ask whether I was going to church.  Honestly.  The very fact I was asleep and needing sleep should have been a little clue for him.  Anyway, I stayed in and he took Joel who was very unsettled at my absence and wouldn’t be parted from Daddy even to go to Grandma.  Shows how little Steve sorts things in a morning for him.  I imagine it was like a world is ending sort of event for the poor lad.

I did get up and have a bath, then walk izzy before considering trying to have a brief nap when Steve brought Joel back.  He’d fallen asleep on Steve for 30 minutes so he’d brought him home for a nap before lunch.  Except that lunch was at Grandma’s today, so when I transferred him to his buggy for the walk across he woke up and was happy to see me so we played instead of napping!

This afternoon the shed has been completed, and Steve has completely emptied the garage of stuff into the shed (almost a shame as the shed will be moved at some point to the bottom of the garden!!) but it is all very tidy, and the garage is now home to his film kit, all on shelves which pleases him, and me, as we’ve been tripping over it in the hallway for an age!!

And everytime I stop doing something, or watching something I get a gnawing ache in the pit of my stomach thinking about my scan tomorrow.  I wish it could be 9am and be over and done with.  But it’s 1.30 and I have to wait all morning, not wanting to eat, but feeling sick and hungry and hopeful but nervous and seriously, this confusion of emotion is not doing me any good at all!!


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