The Lounge: Before, After and During…..

So with the lounge being officially sorted (less a couple of items of furniture which are deemed less priority than other bigger jobs on the go at the moment) here are the photos to show what we’ve done so far!

new house 1


Here’s our lounge in its former 1970’s glory!

new house 2


We loved the bay window, almost as much as we hated the carpet and fireplace!!



Of course the polystyrene ceiling tiles had to go.  I stripped the wallpaper off using a steamer, and Dad did the overhead bits.




Then it was goodbye to the fireplace.  The side bits were actually built on a frame, not solid bricks.  Seems a waste of space to me!




We had a plasterer come in and he boarded the ceiling and skimmed it, and the chimney breast too to leave it all nice and smooth for us.



We began the watery paint coats on the new plaster.  it took about 4 coats to stop ‘drinking’ it in before we applied a final solid white coat.





My Dad came round and hung our wallpaper for us which is just against the one wall as a feature.



Don’t worry, the old grey net curtains will be going once we’re sorted!!



We hung our mirror over the top and added the glass clock to the mantlepiece.



And with the new carpets it’s a whole new room!  Much more our style!!





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